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Siddur Cover is Coming Home… Please Help Us Decorate

We are soooooo excited!

Morah Ada finished (at last..) fixing the covers so they fit our Siddurim and now we need some help decorating them.

We each chose a colour today, and we are bringing them home with a letter explaining what to do.

Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Once you are done, please return covers with the cardboard that is inside it.

Have fun with it.

If you wish to see some samples click here.


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Cette semaine… janvier 13-17


I hope you all had a nice break and are getting back into the rhythm of school!

In class, we have started talking about simple and complex sounds, in French. Over the next few weeks, your child will be receiving “Le sons du jour” packets that covers sounds we have been reviewing. This week’s packet includes the sounds “ou”, “on”, and “in”. Each page follows a similar formula:

  1. Read the sentence. Circle the sound.
  2. Re-write the sentence.
  3. Draw the sentence.
  4. Fill in the missing sound.
  5. Read the words out loud. Colour the picture when you are done.

Your child can listen to the sentences below:





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Hebrew Reading Recordings for Week of January 13-17

Monday – Sounds reh, seh and eh

Tuesday – Sounds feh. meh and sheh

Wednesday – Sounds veh, heh and neh

Thursday – Sounds seh, tzeh and peh

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OJCS Reading Challenge

OJCS Reading Challenge 2019-2020


The OJCS Reading Challenge is back, but this year bigger and better!  

Our Grade 1 classroom goal is to read 300 books by the end of May. In order for your child to get class book tallies towards our goal, each student must complete a book review.  When we achieve our goal, we will be eligible for one of the following prizes listed below.

      The prizes this year will be;

  • an end-of-year book-based film screening or book-themed dress-up party in each classroom that meets their goals.  The library will provide each class with popcorn and candy treats.
  • Middle school will once again compete for an escape room to create an added incentive.    
  • Small prizes will be given out to each student who gets a Bingo on the genre bingo sheet that goes with the challenge.

For grades K-4 choose the methods that work best for your child:

The book review must contain the following:

  1. Tell us the title and author of your book.
  2. Include a short description of your favourite part.
  3. How many stars would you give it?
  4. Would you recommend it to a friend?

We have been participating in this challenge since November. These book reviews can be done at home or at school. I wanted to make this information available to you in case your child would like to add a book review from the comfort of their home.

Happy Reading! 

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Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone!

I was so wnderful seeing you and hearing all about your holiday. Where you were, what you did, who you saw, etc…

We have a busy and exciting week ahead:

  1. We will be starting our 4th vowel reading booklet today.
  2. 1B is baking at Hillel Lodge on Wednesday at 2:30.
  3. We hooe you can join us this coming Friday for Kabalat Shabbat with Dr. Mitzmacher this Friday at 1:30. (Please RSVP so we know how many chairs we need 😊).

Here are the reading recordings for this week:

Monday p1- eh/cheh/teh

Tuesday p2- beh/geh/zeh

Wednesday p3- cheh/leh/yeh

Thursday p4- teh/keh/deh

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Happy 2020! Please Come Along On Our Learning Journey.

Weekly Homework

Hope everyone had a great winter break! This week’s homework will be to continue practicing our reading skills. Some students did not receive a new book today as they did not have the opportunity to read the books provided over the break, others have a new book for this week.

Introduction to Spelling

Have you ever heard parents say, ” English is too hard, filled with exceptions and makes no sense. How can I teach my child how to spell with all these exceptions. The answer is simple, come along on our learning journey. As both myself and the students explore Structured Word Inquiry. As we all have to start somewhere, we begin with 6 Spelling Rules that are based on the Barton system which follow the Orton Gillingham methods. These rules are designed to help students understand why words are spelled the way they are. This week I introduced the Hockey Rink Rule. <ck> comes at the end of a one syllable word after a short vowel. <k> is used after two vowels or if there is already a consonant between the vowel and the <k>. The students were given a list of words that they sorted independently, followed by time as a whole group to discuss and discover similarities and differences. And guess what… we were able to explain the Hockey Rink Rule.

As we make more discoveries I will continue to share.


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Nothing Like a Good Book

Over the holidays the Grade 1 students are encouraged to keep reading. Two books have been sent home for them to read, however, if they have books at home that they prefer to read please add these to their reading log and sign it.

I would like to take this time to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a fabulous new year! 

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Chag Sameach from Kitah Alef… and the recordings for this week…

This was a whole class team work, as we work better together.

We put together puzzles in small teams, then coloured our parts and glued on a box. 

Putting them side by side. we created a Chanukiya. 😉

Do you know the difference between a chanukiya and a menorah?

You can share your answera as a comment…


Sorry for the delay in posting the recordings. I am actually posting this week’s and the last 4 pages which I am giving for the winter break. I encourage you to continue reading daily throughout the holiday, to keep the flow and increase the memory of sounds. I am giving oly 4 pages as homework, so a good idea will be to review past pages, or break the pages into small chunks… even reading 2 or 3 lines a few times a week.

Here they are: 

p7. Choh & Soh

p8. Poh & Foh

p9. Noh & Tzoh

p10. Voh

p.11 Yoh & Oh

p.12 Koh & Boh

p.13 Choh & Zoh

p.14 Noam Veh-HaKochav