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Exciting Authentic Learning in Social Studies

How does your role and responsibilities change when you bring home an abandoned kitten? 

Thank-you Dr. Maddie for answering this question for us. After having watched a powerpoint presentation and participating in several hands-on stations, our grade 1 students are very aware of the round-the-clock care necessary to foster a sweet newborn kitten. They enjoyed making formula, comparing weights to understand how much he has grown since he was found and cleaning a litter box (no real waste inside). Dr. Maddie explained the different stages of development and had documented all the changes for us to see. The one thing that was made clear was that raising a newborn is a big responsibility and a lot of work! It was also obvious that with Dr. Maddie’s expertise Eddy is thriving. Lucky kitty!


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Following our North Stars

This past month, our students took the time to really get to know each other. They completed surveys and then interpreted their results.  Curiosity about their classmates inspired them to create their own survey questions.  Each student then went to work, using graph paper to accurately put together a bar graph complete with title and 4 labels. Our Classroom Data book continues to grow. It was a perfect example of how we own our learning, learn better together and have a floor but no ceiling!

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Library Visits

Each week we visit the library on Friday mornings. Due to our participation in the Global Read Aloud, we have not had the opportunity to return or borrow new books during October. Our next visit will be on November 8th when we will return to our routine of taking out books once every two weeks. Sorry for the confusion. As well, our students have access to the library once a week during a recess (see below). Both classes were reminded they can use this time to exchange their material or enjoy the library space.

Weekly Library Times:

1A: Wednesdays at first recess

1B: Fridays at second recess


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Reading Homework and Important Reminder

Now that the chagim are finished, we will resume our weekly reading homework. Each student now has a new book in their red folder for the week of  October 28-31st. Tomorrow is a Dress Down Day. Donations will be given to the Patient Urgent Needs Fund at the Ottawa Hospital in memory of Dr. Eliana Saidenberg. Please remember to bring a donation this Friday for Dress Down Day. 

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The Terry Fox Run

This is a friendly reminder about tomorrow’s dress down day. We are all raising money for the Terry Fox Run, so don’t forget your toonie. The students will need their running shoes, a water bottle and weather appropriate clothing. They are also encouraged to wear red and white in honour of Terry, if they have.

Shana Tova Umetuka!

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Weekly Homework and Global Read Aloud

Everyone is doing a great job using their reading strategies to complete their reading homework. Please remember to sign each night (M-Th). New books have been handed out today. Exciting news to share, we are part of a Global Read Aloud. This event fosters global connections through shared reading from picture books and exemplifies one of our North Stars, we learn better together. This year we are connecting with Yavneh Academy in Paramus, NJ.  1A participated in a Google Hangout this afternoon and were excited to ask the questions they had prepared on Friday in anticipation of this event. 1B will also connect this way with the same class, sometime this week. The picture book study is the work of Yuyi Morales

Excited to read Dreamers this week and be part of a shared Flipgrip to amplify our learning! 




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Take Home Homework Folder

Today the students will bring home their red Take Home folders. In these folders is everything you need to be able to support your child as he\she completes their English reading homework. We have gone over in class the various decoding strategies to use when they come across a word that is unfamiliar to them. At this point in the year they would benefit from  reviewing the strategies before they begin to read. We will be working on digraphs (sh, ch etc…) and long and short vowel sounds in class. I have provided anchor charts for them to refer to if they come across a vowel sound they cannot yet reproduce. Please remember to sign the reading log every evening, it is located in the back of the Take Home folder.

  • The homework should not take more than 10 minutes. 
  • Please let me know if it is taking too long (you may write a note and place it in the note tote or send me an email).
  • Alternate between the sight word list (not this week) and book, so that the homework session does not exceed 30 minutes for all three subjects.
  • Please sign it every day and remind your child to return it to their note tote bag.
  • Happy reading!
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Just The Beginning Of Our Learning Journey

Ten Things We Did To Begin Our Learning Journey

  1. We got to know each other (The Tissue Game).
  2. We went to a welcome back assembly and had a beautiful havdalah ceremony.
  3. We became familiar with routines and transitions.
  4. We had our first visit to the library (books must be returned in 2 weeks)
  5. We reviewed repeating patterns and explored growing patterns.
  6. We were introduced to a fun addition game called Make Ten
  7. We created a class book entitled Who Am I.
  8. We started  a Read Aloud called Clementine
  9. We listened to a story and found many rhyming pairs.
  10. We listened to and were part of the Shofar Patrol



The best part of my week, I didn’t have to wait until Monday to see my students again!

Much more to come…

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Reading Homework Continue Retell

This is what homework will look like using the same book handed out last week.

  1. Tuesday fill in box entitled-Next
  2. Wednesday fill in box entitled-Then
  3. Thursday fill in box entitled-Finally
  4. Friday fill in box entitled-Solution
  5. Remember to have your child use a pencil when completing the homework.
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New Reading and Retell Homework

Dear Parents,

This is what homework will look like this week:

  1. Monday read new book
  2. Tuesday reread book
  3. Wednesday fill in box entitled-Characters ( use a pencil and remember to print neatly using smaller letters ).
  4. Thursday fill in box entitled-Setting
  5. Friday fill in box entitled-Problem
  6. Do not do box entitled Beginning, that is Monday’s Homework