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French Homework


This week, students are encouraged to continue practicing their sound chart (posted last week, with audio). As well, students should play their “automne” game that we made in class to review vocabulary.

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French homework… octobre 28-novembre 1


Below is our table de sons. We will be practicing it in class. Please review these daily if possible or several times a week. For every letter, students say a simple phrase. For example, for the letter ‘i’:

“i comme igloo fait i”

Please review sounds regularly, as this is the foundation for sounding out words and learning combined sounds.

At the top of the page is the alphabet (backwards). Students are encouraged to practice reading the
backward alphabet and identifying random letters (all in French).

You can use this website to listen to the letters of the alphabet:

You can use this file to listen to the letter sounds:

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French Homework… octobre 7-11


Today, each student received copy of “C’est L’automne”, a French reader that has some of our autumn vocabulary. We also began learning “La valse de l’automne”. Below, you will find an audio recording of “C’est l’automne” and “La valse de l’automne”. I am also including a powerpoint with lyrics for students to follow along!

C’est l’automne:

La valse de l’automne:

PowerPoint avec paroles:

La valse de l’automne


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French Homework… octobre 2-4


For homework this week, students are building sentences using the pictures at the top of the page.

Below, I have recorded the sentences so that students may listen for pronunciation. There are two recordings per sentence. The first recording includes the blanks for students to fill in. Your child is encouraged to listen and try filling in the blanks themselves. Alternatively, the second recording is the full sentence. Try doing all 5, but doing 2-3 is ok, too!


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The Terry Fox Run

This is a friendly reminder about tomorrow’s dress down day. We are all raising money for the Terry Fox Run, so don’t forget your toonie. The students will need their running shoes, a water bottle and weather appropriate clothing. They are also encouraged to wear red and white in honour of Terry, if they have.

Shana Tova Umetuka!

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French Homework – September 16-20

French homework will be sent home on Mondays, and is expected returned to school on Fridays. Each week, students will receive a “Cette semaine…” (This week…), which outlines their homework.

In addition to this week’s homework, in class, we are learning a song, “Mimi a tout bu” to review our vowels, in French. Students are encouraged to listen below and practice at home!

Mimi a tout bu

Le gros chat Pasha, a, a

S’est aperçu que, e, e

La petite souris, i, i

A bu toute son eau, o, o.

Mimi a tout bu, tout bu, tout bu,

Mimi a tout bu, u, u


Voici, voici les voyelles: a, e, i, o, u, 

a, e, i, o, u

Voici, voici, les voyelles: a, e, i, o, u, 

a, e, i, o, u

Gros chat, tu n’as rien bu.


Mimi a tout bu, tout bu, tout bu,

Mimi a tout bu, u, u

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There will be no French reading homework until after Passover! Have a wonderful holiday! Joyeux Pesach! 🙂