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Mother’s Day Poems and Information Literacy

This week our grade 1 students were introduced to QR codes. This is one of the information literacy skills that will be embedded in our Daily 5 framework. One of our North Stars is, We learn better together. Please listen to this short tutorial given by one of my grade 2 students on how to use a QR code. Each of your childrens’ poems has a personal QR code attached, if your phone is an older model, just upload a QR code reader in the App Store.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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Poetry Reading Homework

Today the students went home with another poem for their collection. They were asked to choose a favourite poem from their collection to present to the class on Friday. When reading their poem they should focus on using expression, a nice loud voice and proudly face their audience using eye contact. They do not have to memorize it.

Happy Poetry Month!

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Poem In Your Pocket Day

As you know, April is Poetry Month. Today is Poem In Your Pocket Day; an international movement that encourages people all over the world to carry a poem in their pocket and share it with people throughout their day. 

For Poem In Your Pocket Day, we are sharing some of our favourite poems that we have read in class this month. Throughout the afternoon, the Grade 1 students will be sharing their poems on Flip Grid. We encourage you to please visit our class grid and share a video of yourself! Join the #FlipGridFever for #PocketPoem Day!

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Poetry Homework

Today the students added another poem to their collection in their red take home folders. Please have your child read it each night for homework. I will also continue to update sight word lists this week. It is important for them to build a strong sight word vocabulary, sight word recognition improves reading ability. The list of 12 words should be read ever night. This Thursday is Poem in Your Pocket Day and it is part of National Poetry Month. On this day, we will ask the students to select a poem and share it with others at school. Please share your favourite poem with us. Email us a video of you reciting your favourite poem or just send one in and we will share it with the class. Be part of the OJCS difference!

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Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! The Grade 1 class will be visiting on Thursday, period 1 (8:45-9:30).  If you would like to buy great books please send money with your child and we will help them choose their books .

Happy Reading!

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Poetry Month

Happy Poetry Month!

Hello Everyone!!
Poetry is one of the parts of our writing curriculum that we introduce in April as it is Poetry Month! We read, discuss, analyze, and even memorize poetry every week…poems that help to bring our curriculum to life.  Children love poetry.  The tongue twisting words, the alliteration, the onomatopoeia, the fun language, the rhyme, the rhythm, and so much more. The students will keep all their poems in their red take home folder. They have brought home today (in their red folders) two poems to read for homework and are asked to highlight the rhyming pairs. Please remember to have your child reread these poems practicing the proper expression, pace and phrasing. Homework due on Monday. Today we began to build a Poetree and shared what we know about poetry and after listening to a few poems read by Morah Lianna and myself, our students were able to add many leaves of knowledge to this tree. Our Grade 1 poets ended the afternoon brainstorming ideas in order to create a poem about spring. 
Happy April!


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March Madness Round Up

The Grade 1 class room was BURSTING with excitement this month as we “bounced” (my attempt at a basketball reference) through our March Madness Book Bracket. 

First, a big shout out to our amazing guest readers this month; Morah Dora, Mrs. Cleveland, Miss M, Ms. Gordon, Mrs. Reichstein!! Thank you for being part of our March Madness Fun! Don’t worry, Dr. Mitzmacher is already gearing up to be a guest reader in Grade 1 in the near future. 

Today was the final face off between The Aunts Come Marching by Bill Richardson (Ms. Gordon’s pick!) and POP! The Invention of Bubble Gum by Meghan McCarthy.

Our class was so excited all day for the big reveal…

After the cheering calmed down, we took some time to reflect on some of our favourite books that we read but didn’t necessarily advance on our bracket.


All in all, it was a fantastic month filled with picture books (#openthemagic)! Thank you to everyone who followed our March Madness journey on Morah Lianna’s Twitter!

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full STEAM ahead

Last week, we were so excited to share our finished play structures with the grade 1 parents and siblings. We tested slides with marbles, swung paperclips through the monkey bars, and shared all of the amazing features in our play structures (including swimming pools, wheelchair ramps, video game tunnels, and so much more!!).

The planning, designing, and building phases were messy and loud… but that is what hands-on learning is all about! 

Our initial brainstorm… If you could design your “dream play structure”, what features would you include?

Then came the planning… What will you include? What materials will you use?


…and of course the designing


Finally, we started to build!


Our progress after day 1 of building

After a few more days of building and refining our designs, we were ready to present our finished play structures to the parents at the OJCS STEAM Fair!

We then took some time to step back and reflect on our play structures. What were we most proud of? What could we do differently next time?

(we are still learning how to use flipgrid and how to film ourselves)



Thank you to all of the parents who sent in materials to help us build our dream play structures!