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Reading Homework and Important Reminder

Now that the chagim are finished, we will resume our weekly reading homework. Each student now has a new book in their red folder for the week of  October 28-31st. Tomorrow is a Dress Down Day. Donations will be given to the Patient Urgent Needs Fund at the Ottawa Hospital in memory of Dr. Eliana Saidenberg. Please remember to bring a donation this Friday for Dress Down Day. 

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French Homework… octobre 7-11


Today, each student received copy of “C’est L’automne”, a French reader that has some of our autumn vocabulary. We also began learning “La valse de l’automne”. Below, you will find an audio recording of “C’est l’automne” and “La valse de l’automne”. I am also including a powerpoint with lyrics for students to follow along!

C’est l’automne:

La valse de l’automne:

PowerPoint avec paroles:

La valse de l’automne


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Reading Recordings for week of Oct 7-11

Continuing with Tishrei holidays, another short week ahead, as we review Yom Kippur and begin Sukkot.  There is a lot of talking about the meaning of saying sorry to friends and family and how can we use kind words to communicate better with each other… when we need our own space, or want to play different games, etc… It warms my heart how kind and caring of each other Kitah Alef is. I am so proud of each and every one of them. 

following are the two new sounds for the week:

Nah (due Thursday)

Mah (due next week)

Wishing you all, Gmar Chatimah Tova and Tzom Kal.

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French Homework… octobre 2-4


For homework this week, students are building sentences using the pictures at the top of the page.

Below, I have recorded the sentences so that students may listen for pronunciation. There are two recordings per sentence. The first recording includes the blanks for students to fill in. Your child is encouraged to listen and try filling in the blanks themselves. Alternatively, the second recording is the full sentence. Try doing all 5, but doing 2-3 is ok, too!


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Weekly Homework and Global Read Aloud

Everyone is doing a great job using their reading strategies to complete their reading homework. Please remember to sign each night (M-Th). New books have been handed out today. Exciting news to share, we are part of a Global Read Aloud. This event fosters global connections through shared reading from picture books and exemplifies one of our North Stars, we learn better together. This year we are connecting with Yavneh Academy in Paramus, NJ.  1A participated in a Google Hangout this afternoon and were excited to ask the questions they had prepared on Friday in anticipation of this event. 1B will also connect this way with the same class, sometime this week. The picture book study is the work of Yuyi Morales

Excited to read Dreamers this week and be part of a shared Flipgrip to amplify our learning! 




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Ivrit for Week of Sep. 23-27

I hope you all enjoyed the summer-like weekend we just had, as we enter this beautiful colourful new season – Ha’Stav.

This week we are continuing to learn vocabulary related to Rosh Hashanah. You can join in the learning by looking at our Chodesh Tishrei Review (I will be adding to it, as we learn about the rest of the holidays during this month)..

We will be reading two more pages from our homework book this week: Here are the recordings to help along:

Monday – Sounds Gah and G

Wednesday – Sounds Dah and D

I am reminding you to please read daily – either a few sentences every day, or re-reading past pages again. It depends on your child’s need/ability and the routines you are building at home. I also want to remind those of you who find it a bit of a struggle, that we read it in class before it goes home, and again, after they read it at home. So if your child is very tired and frustrations are building, it is OK if they do not read the whole page. Tell them to choose a line or two, making sure at least one of the lines has longer words, and mark the lines he/she read with a check mark.. (I also reminded the children of these options today).

Happy reading,

Morah Ada.