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Reading for Week of November 4th to 8th

Wow! This week we are finishing our first reading booklet! sooo exciting! 

Monday: p. 17 – sound Z & Zah

Tuesday: p. 18 – sound Tz & Tzah

Wednesday: p.19 – sound Ch & Chah revisited (chaf sofit – the only end letter that has a ‘ah’ sound attached to it)

Thursday (for Monday): p.20 – Ballon Chadash

Happy Reading.

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Back to a full week – HURRAY!

Now that the holidays are really behind us, we are so excited to get back into the groove of regular routines and familiar expectations.

This week the students are excited to begin taking turns as the classroom helpers (2 from each class). They will be running the morning routine (day of the week, date, weather), watering our plants, leading the class in line-ups, setting the table for Shabbat, leading the T’filot/songs for Kabbalat Shabat, and more…

There are 3 reading pages this week (back to 4 starting next week). I am reminding you that it is the daily practice (5-10 minutes max a day) that greatly assists your children to become great readers… no matter the language.

They do not need to read the entire page. If that is too difficult, or takes too long, have them listen to my recording and repeat after me, while following the words with their finger and eyes. It is important they look at the word that is read, not just hear it… so they recognize the sounds. Then they can read a few lines, or chosen words.

The homework is for the students, but it is required that someone hears them, as it is important they read aloud. For some it is also very important that the adult reading with them focuses them back to the page to look at the letter/sound/word, as they read.

Again, please make sure finger (or pointer) is under the word being read. Another option is to cut-out a little rectangle  in a piece of paper and have them move it along as they read – see example:

Also, please remember to sign their booklets daily, so they receive the letter stamp when reading in class.

Following are this week’s readings:

Monday – p.14 Sound Ah

Tuesday – p.15 sounds Pah and Fah

Wednesday – p.16 sound Kah


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Reading Recordings for week of Oct 7-11

Continuing with Tishrei holidays, another short week ahead, as we review Yom Kippur and begin Sukkot.  There is a lot of talking about the meaning of saying sorry to friends and family and how can we use kind words to communicate better with each other… when we need our own space, or want to play different games, etc… It warms my heart how kind and caring of each other Kitah Alef is. I am so proud of each and every one of them. 

following are the two new sounds for the week:

Nah (due Thursday)

Mah (due next week)

Wishing you all, Gmar Chatimah Tova and Tzom Kal.

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Ivrit for Week of Sep. 23-27

I hope you all enjoyed the summer-like weekend we just had, as we enter this beautiful colourful new season – Ha’Stav.

This week we are continuing to learn vocabulary related to Rosh Hashanah. You can join in the learning by looking at our Chodesh Tishrei Review (I will be adding to it, as we learn about the rest of the holidays during this month)..

We will be reading two more pages from our homework book this week: Here are the recordings to help along:

Monday – Sounds Gah and G

Wednesday – Sounds Dah and D

I am reminding you to please read daily – either a few sentences every day, or re-reading past pages again. It depends on your child’s need/ability and the routines you are building at home. I also want to remind those of you who find it a bit of a struggle, that we read it in class before it goes home, and again, after they read it at home. So if your child is very tired and frustrations are building, it is OK if they do not read the whole page. Tell them to choose a line or two, making sure at least one of the lines has longer words, and mark the lines he/she read with a check mark.. (I also reminded the children of these options today).

Happy reading,

Morah Ada.

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Hebrew Reading for Week of Sep. 16-20

This week, and until after the holidays, I will be giving only two pages a week to read at home. I do recommend to continue reading every day (re-read last two  or three lines or read only few lines a day), to encourage fluidity in the reading. 

Please encourage your child to follow along with their finger while they listen to my recording, as well as when they are reading aloud to you.

This weeks sounds are:

Monday: Rah & R

Wednesday: Vah & V

Happy Reading 🙂