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Purim Reading recordings

Happy Spirit Week!

For some strange reason the children were all missing from school today, but a group of book/movie characters came instead… We are having a fun learning day together…

I do hope to see them all back at school tomorrow…

Regardless… Homework is given only today and tomorrow, due to Ta’anit Esther, and Purim.

We will be finishing the book and read it all again at school on Wednesday. Here they are again:

  1. לכבוד פורים- מי בכיתה
  2.  ונהפוך הוא








Tuesday is Hawaii Day

Wednesday is Future Career Day

Thursday is Purim 

Friday is PJ day – they are welcome to bring their stuffies. 😉

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100th Day of School

Dear Parents,

Our class is celebrating the 100th Day of School on Tuesday, February 26th. To show our school spirit and commemorate this special day, our class is going to dress up like we are 100 years old. If your child would like to participate, it’s easy! We don’t encourage you to purchase a costume, but instead find items at home. Here a few ideas that may help your child dress the part.

                  Dress Like You’re 100 Years Old!

  • gray hair
  • hair curlers
  • glasses
  • shawl
  • robe
  • bow tie
  • gray beard
  • knee highs


Use your imagination!

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Practice Please…

Hi everyone,

Today’s reading homework is cancelled.

Please work with your child on practicing their parts instead. They mostly remember their part, but need a reminder of what is said before them (if you can read the Hebrew please do – or have them read it…). Also, please remind your child to speak slowly and clearly and make eye contact.

Some of the students are nervous about being in front of so many people. Please reassure them that both Morah Ada and Morah Lianna will be right there.  What I also said to the few that voiced concern is that they should imagine that it is only their Ima and Aba watching them, so I strongly recommend you have them practice at home, in front of the family – so they can visualize your response and your loving faces. 🙂

Thank you so much for all your support.

Excited for Monday,

Kitah Alef Team!

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Looking for gently used toys, small gifts or “chachkas”

Dear Parents,
Purim is coming up soon and Middle School is preparing an OJCS carnival for the day.
They are looking for small prizes to provide students.
If you have any gently used toys, small gifts, “chachkas” or anything that you think a child would enjoy to choose as a prize, please send in your items to your child’s homeroom teacher.
Thank you in advance, for your help and  support.
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Holiday time Reading

Hi everyone,

We have 5 pages left to read to finish the Oh sound and I told the students these are to be read throughout the holiday.

Please allow a few minutes to continue reviewing their reading throughout the holiday.

following are the recordings for the holiday:

Have a wonderful vacation.

See you in 2019!


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Hanukkah OJCS Celebration

We are looking forward to celebrating with you. Following are details to help you plan your evening:
  • The show will be roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour and will end at around 7:15 pm.
  • The new families will be invited to the front with Rabbi Finkelstein to light the Menorah.
  • All the children are asked to wear shirts or dresses (for the girls) that are colours of a flame (either orange, red or yellow).  
Order for the Hanukkah Show:
  • Opening words from Grade 8
  • New families light Menorah
  • Opening video clip with Dr. Mitzmacher and Mrs. Gordon
  • Video clip by grade 7
  • Skit by grade 5
  • Dance by grade 1
  • Video by grade 6
  • Skit by grade 4
  • Dance from Kindergarten
  • A song by grade 3
  • Dance by grade 2
  • Staff video  

See you there.

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This Week’s Homework

Dear Parents,

The students were very excited to get a new book to read today. A list of high frequency words have also been added to your child’s take home folder. Please have them become word detectives and have them search for the first 4 words on their list in the stories that they are reading to you or that you read to them. The goal is to be able to find and read these words in a sentence. Once they can read the first 4 words, they can move on to the next group of words. Please understand 4 words a week is a great accomplishment. We have lots of time to complete the list. We are always available if you have any concerns or questions, just send us an email. Each day the students are eager to get a sticker that we place beside your signature, so don’t forget to give us your autograph.

Happy Reading!

Morah Ann-Lynn & Morah Lianna

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Weekly Reading Homework

On Monday, your child will be bringing home their reading homework for the week. They each have their own take home folder that contains information on how to best support your child with their reading, a list of word-solving strategies to use and a just right book for them to read. Their homework is to read every night (not during Shabbat), please date and sign their log each day and return to school. They are excited to receive a sticker each day for fulfilling their responsibility of completing their nightly homework. Once you have read all the information provided in your child’s folder and still have questions don’t hesitate to e-mail me.



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Shanah Tovah – שנה טובה

What a wonderful first week we had with Kitah Alef!

We already know each other better, are settling into our daily routines, and working together on our leadership skills; being kind, helpful, patient, active listeners, turn takers, team players, wonderful decision makers and so much more.

We want to wish you all a wonderful and sweet new year. May we continue to inspire the love of learning in our students – your children.

Shana Tova U’metuka – שנה טובה ומתוקה

Grade 1 Team.