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Les parties du corps (Body parts!) Fun activities

We are beginning to learn some French body parts in class and the students are doing great! Below are some fun and easy activities you can do with our child to practice at home!


  • Simon says (“Maman dit….” or “Papa dit…”)
  • Have the sing the song “tete epaules genoux orteils” as fast as they can.
  • Use a Mr./Mrs Potato head to play a game with his body parts.
  • Draw a silly face and have them describe the parts.
  • Use the reference sheet posted in this weeks schedule to play hangman, or make a copy and play memory!
  • Watch the attached video about the gingerbread man and have them write down the body parts that were said in the story.
  • Watch the attached silly songs and sing along!

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Daily 5 Choice Board

This week I have added the Classkick reading log to the Daily 5 Choice Board to make things even easier. Please remember to sign it each time your child reads. They can navigate Classkick like pros and make the page ready for your signature by typing in the name of their book and the date. All you need to do is sign it. Once I see the signature, I can then add a sticker to the log. Thank-you for your ongoing patience and together as a team we will support your child on their learning journey.


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Reading Homework

This week’s assigned reading material can be found on our Daily 5 choice board. Refer to Sunday’s email to verify what reading group your child is currently in and click on that colour group to view and print their book. Remember to have your child record this book on their Classkick’s reading log TTBJUD on Thursday. It is important that they read their book three times before recording.


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French homework in 2021!

Bonjour! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing and safe winter break.


For the month of January, French homework will continue to be a book from the “Je Lis” website. If you are not sure what level your child is supposed to be reading, please email me. Otherwise, please continue from where they last left off. If you feel that it is way too easy, and I have not yet reassessed them, feel free to go to the next reading level.

Beginning in February, we will be having optional dictées (quizzes) every Friday. They will consist of 3-5 French sight words. Students will have from Monday-Thursday to study them at home.


Mme. Stephanie

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Let There Be Light

What do you get when you mix Science, Math, Procedural Writing, Diagrams and Jewish Studies? A fully functioning electric Hanukkiah of course! Several weeks ago, after introducing our unit on Energy, I had an idea. Why not make some cross-curricular connections? When I suggested making an electric Hanukkiah to the students, their excitement could not be contained. With access to a fully stocked Maker Space, it seemed the logical next step.

First, the students made predictions of what their circuit would look like, through diagrams. After some discussion and peer feedback, we collaborated to come up with the final design. Each student then turned their fast-drying dough into a candle that would serve as a base for the lightbulb. Once it was dry, they painted each candle, and waiting with anticipation to move on with building the circuits and assembling the Hanukkiah.

Did it work perfectly the first time?  No it did not! We had lots of opportunity to practice our problem solving skills. Which part of the circuit wasn’t working? Was it the light bulb wires? Were the batteries dead? The students kept suggesting ways to fix it and with a whole lot of patience and perseverance, we lit the candles for Hanukkah.


Curious how you too can build your own electric hanukiah at home? Just follow the procedural writing piece below. Please share your experience and what you have learned in the comments below.




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On The Fifth Day of Chanukah…

As the candles in your hanukiah burn bright, please take some time to listen to your child read their assigned book. I want to wish you all a wonderful Chanukah filled with love and laughter.  

Bitmoji Image


  • Remember to use the reading strategies as a tool when completing the reading homework.
  • Please sign the reading log (in their grey take-home folder) each night (this lets me know the homework was completed) and your child will receive a stamp or sticker the following day. Online students received a PDF of their book and they too will receive a sticker each time the log is filled out. It is posted on Classkick. At the end of this month, the students are required to record themselves reading 1 book from their assigned homework on Classkick. 

Extra support below if needed:

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Hanukkah Week…

Bitmoji ImageHappy 5th night of Hanukkah everyone,

Can you guess what our focus wil be this week…? Hanukkah fun of course 😉
We will continue following our routine in class, including being introduced to each sounds daily; however. As it is Hanukkah, and your evenings may be filled with deep frying, candle lighting and dreidle spinning there is no official homework. It goes without saying that reading daily is beneficial and encouraged but is not a requirement this week. 

happy hanukkah

Calendar alert:
1. Tuesday at 7:00pm we will have a virtual OJCS Family Hanukkah Celebration. We hope you can join us. 

2. Friday is PJ day and we will be having a pancake breakfast in Kitah Alef during the 1st period. Please send some fruit for your child to have with it. 

Have a wonderful week, filled with light and sweetness.
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Joyeuses fêtes et bonne année!

Wishing you all a wonderful, well deserved and relaxing winter break!


There will be no French homework this week.

Please come back to check the blog in January 🙂 New French homework will be explained!




Mme. Stephanie



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Winter vocabulary


We have been learning some winter vocabulary in class over the past 2 weeks. Here are the vocabulary words, if you would like to practice at home with your child! (This is optional of course!)