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Poetry Month

Happy Poetry Month!

Hello Everyone!!
Poetry is one of the parts of our writing curriculum that we introduce in April as it is Poetry Month! We read, discuss, analyze, and even memorize poetry every week…poems that help to bring our curriculum to life.  Children love poetry.  The tongue twisting words, the alliteration, the onomatopoeia, the fun language, the rhyme, the rhythm, and so much more. The students will keep all their poems in their red take home folder. They have brought home today (in their red folders) two poems to read for homework and are asked to highlight the rhyming pairs. Please remember to have your child reread these poems practicing the proper expression, pace and phrasing. Homework due on Monday. Today we began to build a Poetree and shared what we know about poetry and after listening to a few poems read by Morah Lianna and myself, our students were able to add many leaves of knowledge to this tree. Our Grade 1 poets ended the afternoon brainstorming ideas in order to create a poem about spring. 
Happy April!


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