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Just The Beginning Of Our Learning Journey

Ten Things We Did To Begin Our Learning Journey

  1. We got to know each other (The Tissue Game).
  2. We went to a welcome back assembly and had a beautiful havdalah ceremony.
  3. We became familiar with routines and transitions.
  4. We had our first visit to the library (books must be returned in 2 weeks)
  5. We reviewed repeating patterns and explored growing patterns.
  6. We were introduced to a fun addition game called Make Ten
  7. We created a class book entitled Who Am I.
  8. We started  a Read Aloud called Clementine
  9. We listened to a story and found many rhyming pairs.
  10. We listened to and were part of the Shofar Patrol



The best part of my week, I didn’t have to wait until Monday to see my students again!

Much more to come…

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