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Siddur Cover is Coming Home… Please Help Us Decorate

We are soooooo excited!

Morah Ada finished (at last..) fixing the covers so they fit our Siddurim and now we need some help decorating them.

We each chose a colour today, and we are bringing them home with a letter explaining what to do.

Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Once you are done, please return covers with the cardboard that is inside it.

Have fun with it.

If you wish to see some samples click here.


2 thoughts on “Siddur Cover is Coming Home… Please Help Us Decorate

  1. I was under the impression that these would be decorated by the children, but the samples are obviously done mostly by parents. Can you confirm the expectations?

    1. It is up to each family. Often the kids help with choice of theme, maybe even draw the picture and then someone takes it from there. I did have students who decorated the cover themselves, with fabric paint. It is a cover that will hopefully be kept for a very long time… So it is really up to each family’s discretion. All decisions and creations are welcome.😊

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