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Reading Ivrit at home


As I mentioned during our back to school night, we will begin bringing our “choveret kree-ah” (reading booklet) home this week. We will start with homework twice a week. This will allow the students and you, to slowly build a routine that works best for you at your home. The children are encouraged to read the page more than once… so they can read like a teacher… ;).

  • The reading should not take more than 10 minutes (please let me know if it is taking too long).
  • Please remind your child to use his/her finger (or some kind of pointer) to read (this will come in handy as words become more complex).
  • Please sign the homework on the bottom left of the page (there is a line for signature) and remind your child to return it to his/her blue HW note tote. The booklet should return to school daily as we will be using it on a regular basis.
  • When reading with your child, please circle sounds s/he is having a difficult time with.
  • If your child read only a few lines, please put a check mark (or ask him/her to) beside the ones read.
  • To assist your child, I made recordings of the asigned pages. Please see my Bitmoji Classroom (it is also in the top menu in our blog) and press on the “booklet/link” – it will take you to the Classkick version of the Choveret Kreeah (if you have the App – The Class Code is written on the booklet/link.). Each page will have a recording to listen/read along with).

Reading is the primary homework in Grade 1. Between General studies, French and Hebrew, your child should not have more than 30 minutes of homework per evening (please inform us if this is not the case at your home). 

Happy Reading.

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