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Hooray it’s movie day!

The Grade 1 students have been working very hard in French class over the last 6 weeks and have finally (almost) filled up their infamous marble jar! (“Les Billes”)

This means that they get a special day where we will be watching a French Disney movie and having popcorn! I will be providing the popcorn in individually sealed bags, and they will be kosher, nut free, gluten free and dairy free. I may also be bringing some small twizzler treats. Please email me to let me know if I should not be giving either of those snacks to you child and we will find an alternative.

1A will be watching their movie on Thursday October 29th 11:05-12:20.

1B + our at home distance learners will be watching their movie on Friday October 30th 11:05-12:20.

Each class will be voting on their choice of movie earlier on in the week (and making a bar graph!) so I do not know which movie it will be- but it will most likely be from Disney Plus. For those of you at home, please join us with your favorite snack. I will be sharing my screen and hoping for no technical issues. (If you have Disney Plus at home- all the better)


Youpi! Bravo les amis!








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