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General Studies Weekly Homework

Dear Parents,

  • The reading homework, located on Classkick, was used during our small guided reading groups. Each student is familiar with the text and are on their way to becoming fluent readers. Please have your child read Monday-Wednesday.
  • Here are the colour groups, links and class codes:
  • Blue Group   Class Code: VGV SHY
  • Green Group  Class Code: 36E UXl
  • Yellow Group  Class Code: VAR Z2Q
  • Orange Group Class Code: XBL SNY 
  • Purple Group  Class Code: 8ZN 45F
  • If needed, print and use the reading strategies bookmark as a tool when completing the reading homework.
  • Please sign the reading log (on Classkick) each night (this lets me know the homework was completed) and your child will receive a sticker the following day. At the end of each month, the students are required to record themselves reading 1 book from their assigned homework on Classkick.
  • Looking for ways to build their sight word vocabulary? There are 3 games below your child will enjoy playing. Remember this is not homework. Only move on to the next game once they can read all the words independently
  • The IXL program will be the math homework for Thursday. Please complete C.1 and C.10
  • Log-in information is:

Username: first and last name@ojcs

Password: math123

  • Click on Learning at the top of the page and then the yellow star on the right to access assigned work. When your child gets 100 points he/she has mastered the skill. Please let them complete the homework independently (I will provide tools when necessary). 

Extra support below if needed:

                Ready, Set, Read!

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