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Global Read Aloud – Another

This week for Global Read Aloud we read the story “Another” by Christian Robinson. We really enjoyed this story especially because there were no words! We had to guess what was happening based on the pictures.

In the story, the little girl went through different portals and had many different adventures. We started to brainstorm where we would go if we had a portal and what we would see in another world. Some of our ideas included: candy land, a video game land, minecraft, a big ball pit, a beach, and so much more. Check out some of 1B’s ideas and drawings below.

Stay tuned for next week as we read the next book from the Global Read Aloud called “Milo Imagines the World” by Christian Robinson.

P.S. 1B now has their own class twitter where the students will be tweeting out their own work or tweeting questions to help us further our learning. Be sure to follow us to keep up with our learning journey! @1bojcs

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