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And The Winner Is… – Munsch Madness Update

After two months, 1B has finally crowned a winner for Munsch Madness. After reading 16 different Robert Munsch (some of the books 4 different times) we finally decided on an overall winner.

So, the book that 1B chose as their favourite Robert Munsch book is….

“I Have To Go”

After reading all of the books, and crowning a winner, the students then wrote letters to Robert Munsch. The students had wonderful questions and such nice things to ask/share with him about their experiences reading their books.

1B are now HUGE Robert Munsch fans and have been finding Robert Munsch books that weren’t included in Munsch Madness to read with their friends and as a class. We had so much fun reading the books and narrowing down our favourite one.


2 thoughts on “And The Winner Is… – Munsch Madness Update

  1. These letters are adorable and so well written!! But The Paperbag Princess should have won….. 😉

  2. Oh my goodness! Grade 1 – you asked amazing questions! I LOVE Robert Munsch too! What book are you going to read next!?

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