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French homework in 2021!

Bonjour! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing and safe winter break.


For the month of January, French homework will continue to be a book from the “Je Lis” website. If you are not sure what level your child is supposed to be reading, please email me. Otherwise, please continue from where they last left off. If you feel that it is way too easy, and I have not yet reassessed them, feel free to go to the next reading level.

Beginning in February, we will be having dictées (quizzes) every Friday. They will consist of 3-5 French sight words. Students will have from Monday-Thursday to study them at home.


Mme. Stephanie

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Joyeuses fêtes et bonne année!

Wishing you all a wonderful, well deserved and relaxing winter break!


There will be no French homework this week.

Please come back to check the blog in January 🙂 New French homework will be explained!




Mme. Stephanie



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Hannukah Song

The Grade 1 students have been doing a great job learning a new French Hannukah song. I have included the Youtube link below if you would like to practice some more with them at home. The in class learners part is the chorus, and the at home learners part has been divided up and sent to you by email.


-Mme. Stephanie

Joyeux Hanouka ! Hag Hanoucca Sameah !... - Christian Estrosi | Facebook



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French reading homework – Decembre

Happy almost December!

Since the very beginning of the school year, the students have been learning how to read vowel sounds in French. We have now covered A,E,I,O,U and will be moving away from “sound sheet” homework. We are now ready and getting into reading leveled books! Youpi!

Every student has been assigned a reading level from the “Je Lis” website. All of the login info can be found on the inside cover of you child’s orange duotang. Happy reading!



Mme. Stephanie

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New French Spelling/Sound App

Happy Monday!


We will be starting to use a new spelling app during our center time. It is called “La Magie des Mots” and is excellent for helping students aquire French sounds and play around with letters and words that we are learning in class.

If you would like, (especially for our distance learners) you can download this app onto your Apple device. I believe it is available on Android as well.


La magie des mots – pour iPad, iPhone et Android

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French homework- Novembre

Happy (almost) November!

All students will be continuing to receive a sound sheet for homework every Monday throughout the month of November in their orange duo-tang. Students should ideally be practicing reading the sheet for 5 minutes/night, Monday->Thursday. Those students who have previously been assigned a “Je Lis” reading level, are free to continue reading a book from the website in addition to the sound sheet if they would like.

Please remember to sign your child’s reading log every week.


Mme. Stephanie