Saar Baram



Shalom Kitah Alef!

I’m Saar, and I am super excited to be your Hebrew teacher this upcoming school year.

I was born and raised in a big little town called Hertzliya, just a tad north of Tel Aviv. Growing up I loved sports, my favourite was Judo, however after a pretty serious injury I couldn’t practice anymore and transitioned into coaching. Following my army service I came to Canada to work in a summer camp in Algonquin Park. Over there I met my wife to be and now we reside here in Ottawa, where we both work in the field of education.

Over the years I taught Judo, chess, English, Hebrew, History, Mathematics, Economics, Civic Studies and many many more. I’ve worked with all age groups starting from kindergarteners and all the way to adults. I take joy in seeing my pupils explore the world as well as themselves and I can’t wait to see what this new year will bring into our lives.

Shana tova vemetuka,
Moreh Saar.