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Tonight’s Reading Recording

We finished book 1! Woohoo! 

Celebrating in stations tomorrow👍

Starting book 2 tonight. We introduced sound in class and read over it, as we always do. Kids (most of them) are excited to start the new book and so am I.  Line 7 in this book is a proper full sentence, so I read it twice in the recordings.

Tonight’s sounds are Ee and Yee:


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French Homework


This week, students are encouraged to continue practicing their sound chart (posted last week, with audio). As well, students should play their “automne” game that we made in class to review vocabulary.

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Reading for Week of November 4th to 8th

Wow! This week we are finishing our first reading booklet! sooo exciting! 

Monday: p. 17 – sound Z & Zah

Tuesday: p. 18 – sound Tz & Tzah

Wednesday: p.19 – sound Ch & Chah revisited (chaf sofit – the only end letter that has a ‘ah’ sound attached to it)

Thursday (for Monday): p.20 – Ballon Chadash

Happy Reading.

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French homework… octobre 28-novembre 1


Below is our table de sons. We will be practicing it in class. Please review these daily if possible or several times a week. For every letter, students say a simple phrase. For example, for the letter ‘i’:

“i comme igloo fait i”

Please review sounds regularly, as this is the foundation for sounding out words and learning combined sounds.

At the top of the page is the alphabet (backwards). Students are encouraged to practice reading the
backward alphabet and identifying random letters (all in French).

You can use this website to listen to the letters of the alphabet:

You can use this file to listen to the letter sounds:

FilesArchive (3)

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Back to a full week – HURRAY!

Now that the holidays are really behind us, we are so excited to get back into the groove of regular routines and familiar expectations.

This week the students are excited to begin taking turns as the classroom helpers (2 from each class). They will be running the morning routine (day of the week, date, weather), watering our plants, leading the class in line-ups, setting the table for Shabbat, leading the T’filot/songs for Kabbalat Shabat, and more…

There are 3 reading pages this week (back to 4 starting next week). I am reminding you that it is the daily practice (5-10 minutes max a day) that greatly assists your children to become great readers… no matter the language.

They do not need to read the entire page. If that is too difficult, or takes too long, have them listen to my recording and repeat after me, while following the words with their finger and eyes. It is important they look at the word that is read, not just hear it… so they recognize the sounds. Then they can read a few lines, or chosen words.

The homework is for the students, but it is required that someone hears them, as it is important they read aloud. For some it is also very important that the adult reading with them focuses them back to the page to look at the letter/sound/word, as they read.

Again, please make sure finger (or pointer) is under the word being read. Another option is to cut-out a little rectangle  in a piece of paper and have them move it along as they read – see example:

Also, please remember to sign their booklets daily, so they receive the letter stamp when reading in class.

Following are this week’s readings:

Monday – p.14 Sound Ah

Tuesday – p.15 sounds Pah and Fah

Wednesday – p.16 sound Kah


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Reading Homework and Important Reminder

Now that the chagim are finished, we will resume our weekly reading homework. Each student now has a new book in their red folder for the week of  October 28-31st. Tomorrow is a Dress Down Day. Donations will be given to the Patient Urgent Needs Fund at the Ottawa Hospital in memory of Dr. Eliana Saidenberg. Please remember to bring a donation this Friday for Dress Down Day. 

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French Homework… octobre 7-11


Today, each student received copy of “C’est L’automne”, a French reader that has some of our autumn vocabulary. We also began learning “La valse de l’automne”. Below, you will find an audio recording of “C’est l’automne” and “La valse de l’automne”. I am also including a powerpoint with lyrics for students to follow along!

C’est l’automne:

La valse de l’automne:

PowerPoint avec paroles:

La valse de l’automne