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Consistent Routines = Independent Students, Consistent Reading = Independent Readers

Shalom lovely Kitah Alef families,

It is so wonderful to see how all our students are becoming more and more comforable with our daily routines. Following these clear routines from the moment they enter the classroom promotes independence and in turn pride as each child is feeling responsible for his/her own learning. I am so proud of the gains I observe on a daily basis; from organizational skills, to patience, respect of one another’s space, thinking (staying quiet while another student’s brain is working to search for information) and different needs to be a succesful student, as well as their increased language acquisition of course. 😉  

One of my loves of teaching Ivrit to Grade 1 is seeing the aquired knowledge of the language on a daily basis. It is so exciting to see the student’s faces change from looking at me like I am speaking gibberish, to intent listening and big smiles as they participate and try their best to use not only a new word or sound, but full sentences.  It is a joy when I hear them correct each other (in a respectful manner of course).  

ta daAll this to say… routines work magic…  

As in years past, I believe a more regular routine will promote stronger readers, and I believe the students are ready… so… this week I will begin sending homework 4 days a week – Monday to Thursday. As I wrote last week, please assist your child to create a homework routine that suits your family’s schedule best. One where s/he will feel they have control over and can be independently successful.


This his week’s homework includes the following sounds: Monday – Mah (מ,ם),  Tuesday – Yah (י), Wednesday – Hah (ה), Thursday – Aah (ע). See “Choveret Kreeah” (reading booklet) with recordings in my Bitmoji Classroom. In there you will also find a new area for Stories in Ivrit (hanging on the back windows) – these will change with time, as we read/listen to our weekly story in class.

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Hebrew Reading Homework (Oct19-23)

Hi everyone, 

laptop readingThis week We are introduced to the sounds Chah, Ch, Nah and Nh. 

Homework will come home this week on Monday (Chah) and Wednesday (Nah).

We spoke about our responsibility (with our parents’ help) to create a space and a time at home to do our homework, so it becomes part of the family routine. We came up with different ideas that may work for different families. For example, reading in the car on way home, or on way to school, reading before/after dinner, reading before/after breakfast, reading when we arrive home, etc… Whatever works best at your home will best fit your child. Please help your child in making this choice of when it works best for him/her.

Please remember to use my bitmoji classroom to listen to the reading – I do it in a pace that the children can repeat after me. It is a great tool for practicing and reviewing.

Do not forget to practice reading daily and sign at the bottom of each page.

Todah Rabah.


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Practicing letter Recognition in a fun way

Shalom and Chag Sameach,

Last week I introduced the children to Wordwall – It is an educational App that I was introduced to by Morah Ruthie and Morah Sigal. It is free to download for you and you can search for different games on it; however, at this point I am creating very focused games that follow what we are learning in class. They are used as review, and the students are enjoying it very much (They are actually asking to use it – woohoo).

I will be adding (and regularly changing) the different links to my Bitmoji Classroom (at top of this blog page). I will usually post the practice from the week past and the one for the coming week (in which they will not know all the vocabulary yet, but can use the letter recognition one).

I will also add this week’s letter recognition practice bellow, for quick access and as a visual  introduction for our weekly sounds/letters – Rah (ר) and Vah (ב,ו).

I am adding a reminder to send a small box to school by tomorrow for our Sukkah creation this week. Toda.  

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Reading Ivrit at home


As I mentioned during our back to school night, we will begin bringing our “choveret kree-ah” (reading booklet) home this week. We will start with homework twice a week. This will allow the students and you, to slowly build a routine that works best for you at your home. The children are encouraged to read the page more than once… so they can read like a teacher… ;).

  • The reading should not take more than 10 minutes (please let me know if it is taking too long).
  • Please remind your child to use his/her finger (or some kind of pointer) to read (this will come in handy as words become more complex).
  • Please sign the homework on the bottom left of the page (there is a line for signature) and remind your child to return it to his/her blue HW note tote. The booklet should return to school daily as we will be using it on a regular basis.
  • When reading with your child, please circle sounds s/he is having a difficult time with.
  • If your child read only a few lines, please put a check mark (or ask him/her to) beside the ones read.
  • To assist your child, I made recordings of the asigned pages. Please see my Bitmoji Classroom (it is also in the top menu in our blog) and press on the “booklet/link” – it will take you to the Classkick version of the Choveret Kreeah (if you have the App – The Class Code is written on the booklet/link.). Each page will have a recording to listen/read along with).

Reading is the primary homework in Grade 1. Between General studies, French and Hebrew, your child should not have more than 30 minutes of homework per evening (please inform us if this is not the case at your home). 

Happy Reading.

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Reading Recordings for April 20-24

This week’s readings include 2 songs.:

1. Yachad Lev el Lev

Reading Part 1 – Monday

Reading Part 2 – Tuesday

2. Beh’Ivrit Lo Mesha’amem

The Song:

Reading Part 1 – Wednesday

Reading Part 2 – Thursday

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Reading for Week of Feb 24-28

Welcome back everyone! 

It was soooo nice to recieve such happy hellos today (and some heartwarming hugs… that’s really why I love teaching Kitah Alef 😉 )  We shared what we did this past week and got right back into our routine.

They were all so excited to use their new Siddurim during our Tefilah today! You would have been so proud.

As It is Rosh Chodesh Adar this week we are welcoming it with joy and excitement, as we are done our ‘learning to read’ booklets and what better way than reading Purim books.

Each student took a book for the week (if they are done quickly, I will accept early returns, and give them another book.). However, I would strongly recommend not to rush through the book but rather, read a few pages daily to continue the habit and to keep the quality of reading (a week away already made a difference for some).

The books are in a ziplock bag and inside is also a table for you to write the pages they read and sign – There is only 3 spaces for each book, but you can write the pages on same line (for example after two days, you can write 3-7, 8-10 and then sign your name in the following square.).

Bellow are recordings of the books; They are each divided into 5 parts:

לִכְבוֹד פּוּרִים – מִי בַּכִּיתָה (Lichvod Purim Mee Bakitah?)

1 p.3-6

2 p.7-10

3 p.11-14

4 p.15-18

5 p.


מִשְׁלוֹחַ מָנוֹת מֵאֲרָיאוֹת (Mishloach Manot Mee Ariot)

1 p.3-7

2 p. 8-10

3 p.11-13

4 p.14-16

5 p.17-20


וְנַהֲפוֹךְ הוּא (Veh’Nahafoch Hoo)

1 p. 3-7

2 p.8-11

3 p.12-13

4 p.14-17

5 p.18-20



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Reading Recordings for week of Feb3-7

This week’s reading:

Monday – p6 – tzu, yu and ru

Tuesday – p7 – vu, chu and ku

Wednesday – p8 – fu, su and zu

Thursday – p9 – tu