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Hebrew Reading Homework (Oct19-23)

Hi everyone, 

laptop readingThis week We are introduced to the sounds Chah, Ch, Nah and Nh. 

Homework will come home this week on Monday (Chah) and Wednesday (Nah).

We spoke about our responsibility (with our parents’ help) to create a space and a time at home to do our homework, so it becomes part of the family routine. We came up with different ideas that may work for different families. For example, reading in the car on way home, or on way to school, reading before/after dinner, reading before/after breakfast, reading when we arrive home, etc… Whatever works best at your home will best fit your child. Please help your child in making this choice of when it works best for him/her.

Please remember to use my bitmoji classroom to listen to the reading – I do it in a pace that the children can repeat after me. It is a great tool for practicing and reviewing.

Do not forget to practice reading daily and sign at the bottom of each page.

Todah Rabah.


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