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French Update

Salut Grade 1 Parents!

The last two weeks we have been talking about winter clothes and we have been doing different fun activities so that the children can remember the new vocabulary. It goes without saying that we regularly review previous words such as the colours, the numbers, the days etc.  Next  week we are learning the geometrical shapes. As far as reading is concerned, I follow their reading daily insisting on the correct pronunciation and the meaning of the words. In addition, I read with each one of them almost every day in order to boost their confidence. Since they are familiar with the books in Je lis, I started giving them simple  comprehension activities related to the stories so they get the chance to see, write and read the words again. Regarding the sounds, we have started exploring the complex ones like U, and OU and we will continue doing so because once they can recognise them, their reading will improve considerably. I strongly encourage you to go over the sheets they bring home when you have some free time, or even when you are out, and you see a sign in french ask them to identify any sound they know.  The great thing about Canada is that everything is written in both languages so even a simple walk to the supermarket can be a learning experience. Don’t forget that repetition is the mother of learning.


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French Update

Salut les parents!

What an exciting month December has been!!! We are all looking forward to observing different celebrations and spending quality time with our loved ones. In class, we started our theme, Winter. The students got familiar with the new vocabulary through games, poems, songs, and writing activities. We keep working on our letters and sounds, and I must admit that I am happy with their recordings. The more they read and practice, the better they become. After the holidays, they will also do a comprehension activity linked to each story. This will help them understand the story and remember the vocabulary. In addition, we did some math activities in french learning, plus, égale, and practicing the numbers. We also watched a show about the planets, and the kids drew Space with the names of the different planets. Finally, we explored all the vocabulary associated with the celebration of Hanukkah, and they did a word search, mazes, and decoding sentences, bingo games.


They sang beautifully in french during the school event. And as if that was not enough, I decided to expose them to Greek mythology so I read to them the story of Dedalus and Icarus the famous engineers who constructed the wings to escape from the prison in Crete, but unfortunately, the latter did not follow the father`s advice and flew very close to the sun so his wings melted and he fell in the sea and died. They were so excited! so along with the drama teacher we made the wings, and the kids decorated them with feathers. They flew only in the classroom. Thank goodness!
I wish you all happy and restful holidays!


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French Update

Salut les parents,
Another exciting week full of learning and fun is over.  The students proudly recited the poem “Voici mon coquelicot” during the Remembrance Day ceremony on Friday.  Apart from that, they also learned the song ,”Mon beau coquelicot”.  We did different exercises where the students had to put the missing first letter of the word after hearing me say the word.  That exercise develops both their listening and writing skills.  In addition, I was reading different sentences to them with already familiar vocabulary and expressions, and they had to match them with the correct photo.  We also continued practicing our numbers and this week they need to learn another poem related to that.  Finally, we watched two stories in French, which they enjoyed a lot and afterwards they had to tell me what they liked the most and then draw it.
Here are the links for the stories and songs: (Mon joli coquelicot) (Le petit bout dans la chaussure)

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French Update

Salut les parents,

This week the students listened to a song about Jour de Souvenir( Remembrance Day), entitled, ‘Mon beau Coquelicot’, coloured a poppy and practiced reciting our poem, which they will proudly present next Friday during the ceremony. We continued practicing numbers this week adding the expression “Il y a” (there is / there are). With this new expression, they made examples about what can by found in their house, for example, “il y a trois ordinateurs noirs dans ma maison”, so as you can see, we are gradually making our sentences longer. They also separated French words related to autumn into syllables and placed them in the correct basket (see pictures below). In class we always focus on sound recognition and syllable reading using the French book Taoki. Every Friday, I check the homework so I was so happy with both their dedication and your support. Your effort is highly appreciated. Every time they bring home their work, I urge you to take a few minutes and go over it together.  On Tuesday you will find in their note totes their accounts for ‘Je Lis’where I have assigned 2 books for them to read and record.

A tout a l’heure!

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French update

Salut les parents,

This week we continued practicing the colours, as well as fall vocabulary.  We have added verbalizing numbers and reciting 3 poems about the colours. The students also made hedgehogs with real leaves and they used the letters to write different words. We also practiced the letter ‘F’ and this week we will learn the expression ‘Il y a’ (there is). In order to save you from having to record the syllables, I will work with them individually.

Next week’s challenge: To learn a poem for Remembrance Day!

Bonne weekend!

Madame Efi


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Class Update in French

Bonsoir chers parents,

During this short week a lot of interesting things took place.The students continued to work on the colors and the fall vocabulary learning small poems and singing the songs. On Thursday, it was Global Maker Day so we had the chance to talk about recyclage(recycling), we watched 2 short films regarding the  topic and we created a poster with different color bins for the glass,metal,paper etc. 

L’eau c’est la vie | Ma petite planète chérie:

La poubelle magique | Ma petite planète chérie: 

Today,the weather was great so we went outside looking for colorful leaves,squirrels,pine cones,insects,snails,flowers etc,describing them and counting them.The kids had a lot of fun.We also practiced reading the syllable ra,ri,ry,ro,ar ir. Please check their bags everyday because I regularly send home work  we do in class so that they can color,read the words and revise them. I am also sending you the class code for Scholastic and the flyer.

                     Class Code:RC887726

Monday you will also receive the homework for the week.

A très bientôt

Shabbat Shalom!

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French Update

Hello Parents,

More than one month has gone by, and lots interesting and fun things have been happening in our french class. As you already saw, I sent home the booklets we created with the kids regarding the classroom vocabulary and some letters of the alphabet. Please practice reading the new words with them and the expressions (voici, vois). We also had our first quiz on this topic. We have started a new vocabulary topic (the fall), including the colours and numbers. We are also learning to sing 2 songs related to autumn (l’automne est là , and la valse de l’automne)

We watched a short film related to autumn ( and next week when the weather is nice, we will go out to collect leaves practicing our vocabulary. We will continue to learn new sounds mostly vowels so that the students can read the words. Next week I believe the accounts will be ready for Je lis as well.

I wish you all a relaxing holiday!

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Les animaux- Ami du jour

Hello families,

It’s time for a new task for our Ami du jour. This time we will be focusing on les animaux. We have talked a lot about animals this year so the student’s new challenge is to bring in a toy animal or stuffed animal. They will share it with the class and tell us what the animal is in French as well as share one little fact about the animal (it could be something like “J’ai un chat chez moi.” (I have a cat at my house) or “Les lions dorment beaucoup.” (Lions sleep a lot). Whatever little fact they would like us to know. When it is your child’s turn I will email you the previous evening to give you a heads up.

Thank you so much for your help with our Ami du jour tasks!

Mme Evie

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Ma famille- Ami du jour

We are almost finished cycling through everyone for the Show and Tell activity and are nearly ready for our next Ami du jour task. The next time their name is chosen by our wheel the Grade 1s will be bringing in a photo of their family in order to introduce us to “les membres de ma famille.” We will be learning the French family terms as well as reviewing “c’est mon” and “c’est ma”.

I will once again send out an email notifying you when your student’s turn is coming up and photos can be either printed out and brought in physically or digitally sent to me to project for your child’s presentation.

I look forward to learning more about les familles des élèves!

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Les voyelles

This trimester we studied the French vowel sounds to help improve our French reading. We used a variety of activities, read alouds, worksheets and games to help us become more familiar and comfortable with the pronunciation of les voyelles. Each vowel was first introduced using a comptine (a rhyming story) and it can be helpful to review these comptines to solidify our knowledge of the vowels or continue practicing ones that are a little more difficult. I am posting the comptines for each of the vowels for your continued review and practice! Enjoy these fun, silly little stories!

Comptine a

Comptine e

Comptine i

Comptine o

Comptine u