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Yom Ha’atzmaut

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut. The day will be filled with RUACH and special activities. Take a peek at what’s been added to the schedule. Please wear blue and white tomorrow. You can add blue and white ribbons to your hair or add a flag to your cheeks with face paint. Be creative and show us RUACH!!

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Les emotions

We have been practicing emotions in class, asking the children to say “Aujourd’hui je suis…..”

Feel free to use these cards to practice with your child at home 🙂

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Fun ways to practice sight/dictee words in any language!

There are lots of fun ways that a child can practice their sight words to be best prepared for their dictees!

– Draw the word in the sand or the snow.
– Use scrabble tiles to spell the words.
– Make the words out of playdoh!
– Make the words out of legos!
– Use a snakes and ladders template and write in some sight words.
– Play hangman with the words.
– Write the words out of cheerios!

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La Famille!

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about family in French. A great way to practice the vocabulary, could be printing these flash cards out and playing memory with them. If your child would like, they could also practice talking about each family member by saying:

ex- “J’ai un pere” OR “J’ai 2 soeurs”…etc.

Vocabulary to focus on include: Mere, Pere, Frere, Soeur, Grand-pere, Grande-mere, Oncle, Tante