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Hooray it’s movie day!

The Grade 1 students have been working very hard in French class over the last 6 weeks and have finally (almost) filled up their infamous marble jar! (“Les Billes”)

This means that they get a special day where we will be watching a French Disney movie and having popcorn! I will be providing the popcorn in individually sealed bags, and they will be kosher, nut free, gluten free and dairy free. I may also be bringing some small twizzler treats. Please email me to let me know if I should not be giving either of those snacks to you child and we will find an alternative.

1A will be watching their movie on Thursday October 29th 11:05-12:20.

1B + our at home distance learners will be watching their movie on Friday October 30th 11:05-12:20.

Each class will be voting on their choice of movie earlier on in the week (and making a bar graph!) so I do not know which movie it will be- but it will most likely be from Disney Plus. For those of you at home, please join us with your favorite snack. I will be sharing my screen and hoping for no technical issues. (If you have Disney Plus at home- all the better)


Youpi! Bravo les amis!








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French Homework (reading)

Your child will be bringing home a book bag every Monday. This is where their orange duotang and any other French reading homework will go. Please bring this back to school, signed and dated every Friday. Please also mark in 🙂 , 😐 or 🙁 in the difficulty section and I will adjust their reading homework the following week.

If there is only the orange duotang, please check the Je Lis level I have assigned and chose any book from that level to read with your child this week.

If you have both an orange duotang and a white sheet with sounds, please use the sound sheet as their reading homework this week.





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French homework 9/29-10/2

Your child will be bringing home a booklet that they created in class called “L’automne”. Inside you will find some highlighted words. These are part of our new Fall vocabulary unit. The children should be able to tell you what those words mean in English.

Attached you will find an audio recording of me reading “L’automne”.


Bonne Semaine!


Mme. Stephanie

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French homework 9/21-9/27

Dear Parents,

Your child will be bringing home (or has at home) a booklet that they’ve created called “Dans Ma Classe”. They have written in it and drawn pictures of certain classroom objects. Please read it with them through out the week, making sure they are saying “Il y a…” (There is …) before every object.




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French Ipad app ideas for home use

Bonjour les amis!

Starting next week, we will be using some Ipad apps during centers time (ateliers) in French class.

Feel free to check them out at your leisure and/or download them if you would like for your kids to practice at home.  These two are for purchasing, although there are plenty others that you can download for free (trial versions).

Gus on the Go– Basic vocabulary practice

La Magie Des Mots– Phonics and letter practice

Bon weekend et Bonne année!


Mme. Stephanie

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Is Your Child Hitting the Brick Wall?

Our Director of Special Education, Sharon Reichstein has recently added an excellent post to her blog that is a must read. Please take a moment to read it in its entirety. It has some tips on how to navigate the last 3 weeks of school along with some resources on how to reduce stress.

Thank-you for being great partners during this very difficult and challenging time.

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OJCS Maccabiah Games

Hi Everybody,

Next Friday we will all be participating in the Maccabiah Games. Below is some information you will need ahead of time. There will be more instructions coming your way about how to navigate the GooseChase app. It will be an awesome event filled with RUAH and FUN!!













Maia Goldfarb 

Noa Goldfarb

Jack Smith

Daniel Vanunu

Zachary Dougherty

Bernard Ship

Elliott Noy

Eloise Bombardier

Ari Cohn

Jeremy Disend

Orly Fremeth

Lyla Granovsky

Jonah Morenstein

Reem Shrem

Shayna Shapiro

Adina Uzan

Fred Uzan

Samuel Werier

Marion Angel

Gila Shapiro

Jonas Prehogan

Liam Jamison

Nathaniel Breiner

Nikki Kakadia-Li

Oren Potechin

Livia Shefrin

Emma Bokhaut

Samantha Bokhaut

Sebastian Luisi

Ethan Tomlinson


The day will be a mixture of team meetings on Google Meet (links will be on our regular class schedule) and a series of missions on the app GooseChase. This is an event for the whole family! Parents and siblings can all play together! Please let Morah Ann-Lynn know if your child is NOT going to be playing with a parent or older sibling so we can team them up with an older student or teacher.