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Learning never ends!

The kids have been working beautifully, enriching their vocabulary, improving their writing, and practicing speaking French.  We worked on the winter vocabulary, and we learned everything that is associated with the snow like winter clothes,sports etc.  They played charades, memory games, and puzzles to help them remember the words. Going outdoors during recess gave them the opportunity to practice the vocabulary as well as doing activities with their reading buddies.  We also had our first quiz on the vowels.They are very proud of themselves and they are asking me when they have the next one which will be on the new sounds. We are continuing with our complex sounds like CH and OI, and the best way to practice is by doing ‘Je lis’ regularly. I insist on them listening to the story many times before recording so they pronounce the words correctly. I am happy to see that they have become more comfortable with common words like Voici, C’est, Mon, Regarde, etc. Right now we are practicing using EST  when we make small sentences combining the vocabulary we already know. Thank you for all your effort and support on our journey.I hope you enjoyed your kiddos’ presentations I sent you.


One thought on “Learning never ends!

  1. WOW WOW WOW!!!

    Grade 1 – I am sooooo proud of all of you! I love that you are learning about winter vocabulary and able to generalize the terms by using the language outside!

    I am impressed with your efforts and how successful you were on your quiz!


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