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Ivrit for Week of Sep. 23-27

I hope you all enjoyed the summer-like weekend we just had, as we enter this beautiful colourful new season – Ha’Stav.

This week we are continuing to learn vocabulary related to Rosh Hashanah. You can join in the learning by looking at our Chodesh Tishrei Review (I will be adding to it, as we learn about the rest of the holidays during this month)..

We will be reading two more pages from our homework book this week: Here are the recordings to help along:

Monday – Sounds Gah and G

Wednesday – Sounds Dah and D

I am reminding you to please read daily – either a few sentences every day, or re-reading past pages again. It depends on your child’s need/ability and the routines you are building at home. I also want to remind those of you who find it a bit of a struggle, that we read it in class before it goes home, and again, after they read it at home. So if your child is very tired and frustrations are building, it is OK if they do not read the whole page. Tell them to choose a line or two, making sure at least one of the lines has longer words, and mark the lines he/she read with a check mark.. (I also reminded the children of these options today).

Happy reading,

Morah Ada.