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French Update

Salut les parents!

It`s finally winter and our kiddos aiment jouer avec la neige (love playing with the snow) This week, we learned about the soft G (genou,germe etc) and the hard G (gorille,grenouille) They mastered the poem about the numbers and next week we are excited to start our new activities related to winter with more songs, poems, sentence building, stories, puzzles, etc. In addition, we worked on the expression J`AIME (I like) and they made booklets about themselves saying what color,food, and animal they like. They watch the story `Un éléphant dans la ville` and they heard the song `On  écritt sur les murs` which they adore! Thank you for your support with Je lis. I am very happy when I receive their recordings. This week, I am sending you 3 stories, the third one is optional. Take care!

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Canada Israel Friendship building


We had so much fun meeting new friends from Israel via Zoom today. Thank you to Mrs. Bennett who connected us with Gali Lev Ari’s on-line Students. We enjoyed helping them with their English, as we spoke of our pets, favourite food, animals, colours, etc… They were very impressed that we study in English Hebrew and French every day. We hope to meet again sometime soon. Maybe they can teach us some Hebrew next time…

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1A Post

Just a quick update that I have not sent home the logins and passwords for both the Raz Kids and the IXL. I am reviewing the Homework Bingo card in class and when completed I will send everything  home at the end of the week . A quick peek into our math problem solving class where we worked in groups to solve the Button Box Problem.   

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Scholastic Book Fair

Dear Parents,

On Thursday 1B and on Friday 1A will have a second chance to visit the book fair. If your child did not yet purchase anything and you would like them to, please have them bring in their money. Each class got to visit the book fair and are eager to let you know what books they are interested in buying.

                                                                                           Happy Reading!

peacefully reading



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Welcom to Kitah Alef

Hi everyone!

It has been a busy busy begining in Kitah Alef already, as we had all our Tishrei holidays mixed in with learning new routines and geting to know each other better.

This has been our first full week at school and it is amazing to see how our routines and leadership skills are already falling into place, assisting us in having productive and fun lessons together.

We are all working together on helping each other be our best. 

So far, our Kitah Alef students are demonstarting kindness, patience, respect, curiousity, and so much more that makes it a joy to learn together. We are looking forward to seeing you on our Back to school night this coming Tuesday.

Grade 1 Team.

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Hebrew Chatter in Chatterpix

As I wrote in the past… one of the most difficult part of teaching Hebrew is getting the students to speak and I am always on the lookout for new and fun ways that will encourage them to do so, mistakes and all…

This week I introduced them to Chatterpix – a free app where they can make an object talk.  They were very excited and those who had the chance to complete one, asked to do another one! success! they want to speak. 😉

Next step for me… what else can I use it for?

Reading with intonation to show comprehension

provide information about a place or an object.

Here are few examples of what we did so far:

You can see more here.