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Scribble Bots!

This week we got to visit one of our favourite spots in the school…the Makerspace! Mr. Ray challenged us to make a scribble bot.He told us that we would need to use our engineering skills to make a moving robot. He told us the materials for building would be three markers, a plastic cup, a motor, a battery pack, and lots of tape. First we made a plan of what we wanted to build.

Then it was time to start building. We got all of the materials together and followed the steps carefully. It took a lot of patience to attach all of the parts. We had to tape our markers inside the cup, making sure everything was stable. There was a lot of trial and error with attaching the battery pack wires to the motor. Mr. Ray helped us problem-solve and get our scribble bots ready to scribble.



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Shavuot Food Drive

  • Friday, May 19: Dress down day!
  • Monday, May 22: NO SCHOOL Victoria Day
  • Thursday, May 25: DAIRY DAY in honour of Shavuot we are having an assembly with a special dairy treat! We are also collecting donations of food items for the Ottawa Kosher Food Bank. Please see flyer below for more details.
  • Friday, May 26: NO SCHOOL Shavuot


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Cute Social Emotional moment

Today we had a chat about the importance of sharing fears/concerns/disappointments/thoughts with someone you trust. We spoke about how our body feels when we keep it to ourselves and about the relief we get once we share with the person of our choice (one that can help with the next steps). As the students shared some examples of situations that they overcame this way, or are in the process of overcoming, the topic of fear of monsters at night came up and again, they shared what some of them did to help the fear.

At this point I remembered we had a great book in Hebrew (that some knew in English) that speaks of this – פחדרון בארון (Pachadron Ba’aron), so we all gathered on the carpet to read and then discuss. It was a wonderful demonstration of proficiency teaching at work – as it was not planned and related directly to a topic that was on the students’ minds… so they were completely focused and in listening mode… It was perfect for their level of Hebrew (Tiny bit above, but with pictures that made it clear).

Thanks to Ms Emilia, we actually have a photo of that moment to share with you… We were so focused we did not even notice her taking this picture:

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La Francophonie



La beauté de la langue française!!!

Alors les amis, why celebrate la Francophonie? I can think of thousands of reasons why but it comes down to one thing: we love the french language because it is smooth, rich, and flowing: we love speaking french because, with its nasal vowels and melodious intonation, it sounds very musical to a non-native ear. We want to learn French because it is also called the language of love, cooking, fashion, theater, visual arts, dance, and architecture.

During la francofête at our school, we had the pleasure to admire all the students from JK-grade 8 sing, dance, act, and recite poems in french!!!! All the teachers worked hard to make that happen. The students were proud of themselves, and their energy and passion were evident throughout the afternoon. During the week of the francophonie, they read books, heard stories, watched movies, played games, learned the ten magic words, and tasted french treats. Alors mes amis as the legendary teacher Dorothy Grace Boyajian once said, “Let us keep the flame of knowledge alive so we can light the candle of our children.”

A très bientôt!  



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Here it is!!!

Amazing news everyone, thanks to the generosity and kindness of the Customs and Immigrations Union, our first graders received the opportunity to see their words come to life.

The letters we sent struck the president’s heart strings and he couldn’t resist but to come to class and grant us the old flag, promising the flag will be replaced this Wednesday afternoon.

We were more than excited to make him some extra thank you notes and can’t wait to see our flag returned in two days!!!


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March Madness!

Happy March!!

We have decided to make March a month all about reading! To kick it off we are introducing “March Munsch Madness” in grade 1. We have 16 Robert Munsch books that are all in the running and as a group we are going to decide what we think is our favourite Robert Munsch book. Check out our Munsch Madness bracket to see what story ends up winning!

Homework this month will look a little different. Instead of a homework BINGO board, there will be a reading challenge BINGO board. Students are still working to get 4 in a row for a BINGO but this time all of the activities involve reading!

Finally, next week is RUACH WEEK! Here is the schedule of events happening next week.


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French Update

Salut les parents!

It`s finally winter and our kiddos aiment jouer avec la neige (love playing with the snow) This week, we learned about the soft G (genou,germe etc) and the hard G (gorille,grenouille) They mastered the poem about the numbers and next week we are excited to start our new activities related to winter with more songs, poems, sentence building, stories, puzzles, etc. In addition, we worked on the expression J`AIME (I like) and they made booklets about themselves saying what color,food, and animal they like. They watch the story `Un éléphant dans la ville` and they heard the song `On  écritt sur les murs` which they adore! Thank you for your support with Je lis. I am very happy when I receive their recordings. This week, I am sending you 3 stories, the third one is optional. Take care!

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Canada Israel Friendship building


We had so much fun meeting new friends from Israel via Zoom today. Thank you to Mrs. Bennett who connected us with Gali Lev Ari’s on-line Students. We enjoyed helping them with their English, as we spoke of our pets, favourite food, animals, colours, etc… They were very impressed that we study in English Hebrew and French every day. We hope to meet again sometime soon. Maybe they can teach us some Hebrew next time…

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1A Post

Just a quick update that I have not sent home the logins and passwords for both the Raz Kids and the IXL. I am reviewing the Homework Bingo card in class and when completed I will send everything  home at the end of the week . A quick peek into our math problem solving class where we worked in groups to solve the Button Box Problem.