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Cute Social Emotional moment

Today we had a chat about the importance of sharing fears/concerns/disappointments/thoughts with someone you trust. We spoke about how our body feels when we keep it to ourselves and about the relief we get once we share with the person of our choice (one that can help with the next steps). As the students shared some examples of situations that they overcame this way, or are in the process of overcoming, the topic of fear of monsters at night came up and again, they shared what some of them did to help the fear.

At this point I remembered we had a great book in Hebrew (that some knew in English) that speaks of this – פחדרון בארון (Pachadron Ba’aron), so we all gathered on the carpet to read and then discuss. It was a wonderful demonstration of proficiency teaching at work – as it was not planned and related directly to a topic that was on the students’ minds… so they were completely focused and in listening mode… It was perfect for their level of Hebrew (Tiny bit above, but with pictures that made it clear).

Thanks to Ms Emilia, we actually have a photo of that moment to share with you… We were so focused we did not even notice her taking this picture:

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