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Energy in Our Lives

The following Big Ideas have been our focus in science.


The students are discovering that every movement requires using some form of energy. They have chosen which form of energy they want to learn more about and are working in small groups to complete their research which they will then share with their classmates.









The photos below are our Grade 1 students working on creating posters to encourage others to be responsible for the way in which we use energy.

We will be using several social media platforms in order to share this important message with the world. They will learn to use appropriate forms and conventions.






Please take a moment and comment on this blog and share with us how your family reduces its carbon footprint.


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Exciting Authentic Learning in Social Studies

How does your role and responsibilities change when you bring home an abandoned kitten? 

Thank-you Dr. Maddie for answering this question for us. After having watched a powerpoint presentation and participating in several hands-on stations, our grade 1 students are very aware of the round-the-clock care necessary to foster a sweet newborn kitten. They enjoyed making formula, comparing weights to understand how much he has grown since he was found and cleaning a litter box (no real waste inside). Dr. Maddie explained the different stages of development and had documented all the changes for us to see. The one thing that was made clear was that raising a newborn is a big responsibility and a lot of work! It was also obvious that with Dr. Maddie’s expertise Eddy is thriving. Lucky kitty!


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