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Next Steps

Dear Parents,

It has been an absolute joy to watch your children grow both academically and socially this year. We are so proud of how far they have come. Summer is upon us and it is time to recharge our batteries by taking time to enjoy our family and friends. Whatever way you choose to embrace the summer months, we hope it is filled with fun and laughter. As I have stated in your child’s report card, here are things to use at your discretion to strengthen their understanding of a particular concept or improve their reading and math fluency.



Kate and Jake

The Nice Mice

No More Sad Tunes

Thad and Thelma

Chase and Chet

Reading (Level H)

Grasshopper’s Gross Lunch  

Elephants Giant Mammal’s

Brainstorm Bear

I Collect That

Reading (Level K/L)

Blackbeard The Pirate

Model Rockets

All About Kites

At Jacob’s House


Handwriting Without Tears letter and number formation.McKenna, Mrs. / Handwriting Without Tears | Handwriting without tears, Writing without tears, Preschool writing

Letter placement anchor chart and writing paper.

Summer Journals

Please watch these videos on how to create a personal narrative.

Writing a Personal Narrative-Brainstorming

Writing a Personal Narrative-Planning

Writing a Personal Narrative-Writing an Introduction

Writing a Personal Narrative-Writing a Conclusion



Username: first and last

Password: math123


Watch this video on living things

Listen to What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?


Social Studies

Learn more about maps, watch these videos.

There’s a Map on My Lap

How to Make a Map

Here is some graph paper .




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Flashlight Fridays

                               Flashlight Fridays

Each Friday the students will participate in a special event called Flashlight Fridays. For our Read to Self period I will turn out the lights and we will use our flashlights to read. The purpose of Flashlight Friday is to get students excited about the fact that they can read independently and have a whole library of books at their fingertips. Ms. Brigitte will provide us with books, both fiction and non-fiction to enjoy during this time.

Please send a small flashlight (labelled) to school with your child on Friday. The children will keep these flashlights at school in a bucket to use every week.

peacefully reading

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How to Best Support at Home

Here are a few videos, games, apps and anchor charts to help with supporting your child at home. I have reposted some of the items from my first homework blog post and also added new videos, anchor charts and activities. 

Extra support for Language Arts below if needed:

Handwriting Without Tears letter and number formation.McKenna, Mrs. / Handwriting Without Tears | Handwriting without tears, Writing without tears, Preschool writing

Letter placement anchor chart.

Extra support for Math below if needed:

  • Click on this video to see various addition strategies introduced in class.
  • Click on this video to see various subtraction strategies introduced in class. I have not yet introduced Touch Math.
  • Click on this video to see what the students have learned about place value. If they need more practise they can redo these Place Value activity sheets.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me.  




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Scholastic Book Fair

Dear Parents,

On Thursday 1B and on Friday 1A will have a second chance to visit the book fair. If your child did not yet purchase anything and you would like them to, please have them bring in their money. Each class got to visit the book fair and are eager to let you know what books they are interested in buying.

                                                                                           Happy Reading!

peacefully reading



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Global Read Aloud

What is Global Read Aloud?


The premise is simple; we pick a book from the Picture Book Author Study (this year the author is Duncan Tonatiuh) to read aloud to our students during a set 6-week period and during that time we try to make global connections.  This year we have chosen to connect with just one school, Yavneh Academy in Paramus, New Jersey.  Our first book, Dear Primo, A Letter to My Cousin we zoomed with Yavneh Academy and shared how we compared our lives to that of one of the main characters, Carlitos.


We took the time to comment on their work that they posted on Seesaw and this week we are excited to see their comments on the legends we created as a class. We were inspired to write a legend after we read The Princess and the Warrior 

We talked about what a legend is and then attempted to create our very first class legend. Each class wrote their own legend, 1A wrote a legend on How The Elephant Got His Trunk and 1B wrote a legend How The Snail Got His Shell.

Please take the time to comment on our work as these comments will help us grow as a writer.

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General Studies Weekly Homework

Dear Parents,

  • The reading homework, located on Classkick, was used during our small guided reading groups. Each student is familiar with the text and are on their way to becoming fluent readers. Please have your child read Monday-Wednesday.
  • Here are the colour groups, links and class codes:
  • Blue Group   Class Code: VGV SHY
  • Green Group  Class Code: 36E UXl
  • Yellow Group  Class Code: VAR Z2Q
  • Orange Group Class Code: XBL SNY 
  • Purple Group  Class Code: 8ZN 45F
  • If needed, print and use the reading strategies bookmark as a tool when completing the reading homework.
  • Please sign the reading log (on Classkick) each night (this lets me know the homework was completed) and your child will receive a sticker the following day. At the end of each month, the students are required to record themselves reading 1 book from their assigned homework on Classkick.
  • Looking for ways to build their sight word vocabulary? There are 3 games below your child will enjoy playing. Remember this is not homework. Only move on to the next game once they can read all the words independently
  • The IXL program will be the math homework for Thursday. Please complete C.1 and C.10
  • Log-in information is:

Username: first and last name@ojcs

Password: math123

  • Click on Learning at the top of the page and then the yellow star on the right to access assigned work. When your child gets 100 points he/she has mastered the skill. Please let them complete the homework independently (I will provide tools when necessary). 

Extra support below if needed:

                Ready, Set, Read!

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Popsicles, Pals and Pick-Up

Dear Parents,

On Tuesday, June 22nd, OJCS will be hosting Popsicles, Pals and Pick-ups. It is a chance to spend some quality time together while adhering to distancing guidelines. At 9:00 1A will meet at the blue play structure and 1B will meet at the side of the school (Picnic Table area facing JCC). Each group will spend half an hour either playing on the play structure or eating popsicles and signing yearbooks, then switch.

Please read the important instructions below:

  • As directed by the province of Ontario, all parents in Grade One who plan to stay must complete the Ottawa Public Health COVID-19 Screening Tool and ALL students attending will need to use the Ottawa Public Health COVID-19 Screening Tool before arriving;
  • No additional guests or siblings may attend the cohorted events;
  • Parents of students can drop-off their child(ren) as the events will be heavily supervised;
  • As is mandated by the provincial regulations, masks will be worn when children are not snacking;
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available;
  • This is a wonderful opportunity to return any items that belong to the school (i.e. library books, textbooks, novels, materials, etc…).
  • Your child’s belongings will be ready for pick-up while you are on campus from the gym door facing the OJCS parking lot.  Volunteers will bring your child’s items to you.

We understand attending these Goodbye events could be challenging for some families for a variety of reasons.  Please know we have been guided by Ministry guidelines regarding Health and Safety and a day-event ensures enough supervision to meet these requirements.  Let us know if you require a different pickup time and we’ll be happy to make an arrangement outside of school hours.

    Excited to see you on Tuesday, June 22nd!!!

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Yom Ha’atzmaut

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut. The day will be filled with RUACH and special activities. Take a peek at what’s been added to the schedule. Please wear blue and white tomorrow. You can add blue and white ribbons to your hair or add a flag to your cheeks with face paint. Be creative and show us RUACH!!

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Math and Reading Homework For This Week

                   Hope everyone had a lovely Passover holiday!

The following is the homework for this week :

1.Choose a book on our Daily 5 Choice Board.

2. Click on the Classkick link in the Read to Self section

3. Go to the Reading Log and have your child record themselves reading their book. They just click on the microphone icon to start recording and click again to stop recording.

4. If your child has done this already for the month of March they can work on IXL subtraction builders located on the Daily 3 Choice Board. Otherwise, complete one from the list G.1-G.10 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.