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Global Read Aloud

What is Global Read Aloud?


The premise is simple; we pick a book from the Picture Book Author Study (this year the author is Duncan Tonatiuh) to read aloud to our students during a set 6-week period and during that time we try to make global connections.  This year we have chosen to connect with just one school, Yavneh Academy in Paramus, New Jersey.  Our first book, Dear Primo, A Letter to My Cousin we zoomed with Yavneh Academy and shared how we compared our lives to that of one of the main characters, Carlitos.


We took the time to comment on their work that they posted on Seesaw and this week we are excited to see their comments on the legends we created as a class. We were inspired to write a legend after we read The Princess and the Warrior 

We talked about what a legend is and then attempted to create our very first class legend. Each class wrote their own legend, 1A wrote a legend on How The Elephant Got His Trunk and 1B wrote a legend How The Snail Got His Shell.

Please take the time to comment on our work as these comments will help us grow as a writer.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these stories with Class 1B. We loved them . They were so interesting and creative. I loved the ending. Tomorrow the children will comment on each of your stories. You are budding authors!!

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