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Exciting Things Are Happening!

Welcome Back!

Hope you all had a wonderful February break. Our students were so excited to catch up with each other and share their stories. We are already involved in many new projects and eagerly following our North Stars to guide us along the way.

  • A Reader’s Theatre script has been placed in your child’s red take-home folder. Please have your child read their part as reading homework for the next two weeks (as well as their assigned book). These part are NOT to be memorized. Each child has a few lines that they need to read using a loud enough voice for their audience to hear. Once we are ready, we will present these plays to our kindergarten class.
  • Innovation Day (formerly known as STEAM fair) will take place on March 5th. The students are working on a top secret challenge. You are welcome to see where they are at in their learning journey first period on Thursday, March 5th.
  • Please read this PDF filled with important information on  RUACH WEEK


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Number of Guests for Kabalat hasiddur Celebration

Almost there everybody…. 😉

We will be sending the reading parts home again this weekend. please help your child by encouraging to stand streight, look at you and say it loud, slow and clear. Many of them can do it without their papers already.

Also, a gentle reminder to have the covers in school by monday (we need them for photos)

…and here is a list to enter the amount of guests your child will be having on the day itself.  Please include siblings that go to our school in your overall amount (do not include your grade 1 child/ren).

See you all very soon.

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We All Love a Bargain!

The Grade Six Hebrew class is excited to share that they will be holding a shuk (market) next week. They are raising money for their future graduation trip. The Grade Six have just completed a course of study about Jerusalem and its very famous market area, Shuk Machane Yehuda. Many items will be sold, such as video games, toys, books, and snacks. Like in every shuk in Israel, “bargaining” is always encouraged and welcomed. Items sold will cost anywhere from 5 cents to a maximum of 5 dollars. They would love to see your child bargaining at our shuk and see how 5 dollars can take them a long way. The Grade 1 class will be going on January 27th at 10:05. 

To ensure the program runs smoothly and that money doesn’t get lost in time for the big day, you are welcome to send in money in a labelled baggie by Monday January 27th. We will hold onto their money until it is their turn to visit the shuk

Thank you in advance from the Grade Six Hebrew class! 

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Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone!

I was so wnderful seeing you and hearing all about your holiday. Where you were, what you did, who you saw, etc…

We have a busy and exciting week ahead:

  1. We will be starting our 4th vowel reading booklet today.
  2. 1B is baking at Hillel Lodge on Wednesday at 2:30.
  3. We hooe you can join us this coming Friday for Kabalat Shabbat with Dr. Mitzmacher this Friday at 1:30. (Please RSVP so we know how many chairs we need 😊).

Here are the reading recordings for this week:

Monday p1- eh/cheh/teh

Tuesday p2- beh/geh/zeh

Wednesday p3- cheh/leh/yeh

Thursday p4- teh/keh/deh

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Hanukkah Celebration Reminder

As mentioned in the OJCS Hadashot, we are hoping to see you tonight at our Hanukkah celebration.

We ask that all children wear blue pants/skirt/tunic  and white shirt/blouse.

The celebration begins at 7:00pm.

When you get to school, please send your child (without boots/coat) to Morah Ada’s class.

See you tonight😊.


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Winter is here to stay and we want to be outside and play…

Hi Everyone,

We feel a need for a friendly reminder that untill spring arrives winter gear is not optional.

Your children need to have snowpants, coat, waterproof gloves and a hat every day. 

We recommend that if you have extra of any of the above, you leave it at school.

Please make sure everything is labled, as many of the students have the same winter clothing.

Thank you for helping us keep your children warm and dry.


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Library Visits

Each week we visit the library on Friday mornings. Due to our participation in the Global Read Aloud, we have not had the opportunity to return or borrow new books during October. Our next visit will be on November 8th when we will return to our routine of taking out books once every two weeks. Sorry for the confusion. As well, our students have access to the library once a week during a recess (see below). Both classes were reminded they can use this time to exchange their material or enjoy the library space.

Weekly Library Times:

1A: Wednesdays at first recess

1B: Fridays at second recess


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Reading Homework and Important Reminder

Now that the chagim are finished, we will resume our weekly reading homework. Each student now has a new book in their red folder for the week of  October 28-31st. Tomorrow is a Dress Down Day. Donations will be given to the Patient Urgent Needs Fund at the Ottawa Hospital in memory of Dr. Eliana Saidenberg. Please remember to bring a donation this Friday for Dress Down Day.