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Energy in Our Lives

The following Big Ideas have been our focus in science.


The students are discovering that every movement requires using some form of energy. They have chosen which form of energy they want to learn more about and are working in small groups to complete their research which they will then share with their classmates.









The photos below are our Grade 1 students working on creating posters to encourage others to be responsible for the way in which we use energy.

We will be using several social media platforms in order to share this important message with the world. They will learn to use appropriate forms and conventions.






Please take a moment and comment on this blog and share with us how your family reduces its carbon footprint.


4 thoughts on “Energy in Our Lives

  1. We are building a new house. It uses grey water. This reuses our water over again. Our house uses solar energy. We dry the clothes with wind energy in the summer. We ride our bicycles and use muscle energy.

  2. In our house we compost our uneaten food and recycle our plastic and paper.
    We re-use plastic bags at the grocery store for our produce and we bring canvass bags to take everything home. We use re-usable ziploc bags in our lunches.

    1. Well done Nathaniel! Morah Ann-Lynn is going shopping this Sunday to buy re-usable ziploc bags for her lunches too. Thanks for the idea.

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