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Reading recordings for week of Jan 27-31

This week we are continuing with our regular routine as well as practicing for our up and coming celebration. I was already so impressed with the kids’ ability to say their lines without using their paper… They are soooo awesome!

Our daily highlight continues to be the arrival of new Siddur covers. They are all so beautiful, and the students are so proud to show and explain their chosen designs. Thank you so much for helping out with this family project. 😉

I am reminding you that the covers are due next Monday. Please do your best to have them back to me on time, as i need them for another part of the preparations.

The readings for this week are:

Monday – p.2 – su, pu and lu

Tuesday – p.3 – hu, chu and shu

Wednesday – p.4 – mu, gu and ku

Thursday – p.5 – bu, uu and du


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