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Let There Be Light

What do you get when you mix Science, Math, Procedural Writing, Diagrams and Jewish Studies? A fully functioning electric Hanukkiah of course! Several weeks ago, after introducing our unit on Energy, I had an idea. Why not make some cross-curricular connections? When I suggested making an electric Hanukkiah to the students, their excitement could not be contained. With access to a fully stocked Maker Space, it seemed the logical next step.

First, the students made predictions of what their circuit would look like, through diagrams. After some discussion and peer feedback, we collaborated to come up with the final design. Each student then turned their fast-drying dough into a candle that would serve as a base for the lightbulb. Once it was dry, they painted each candle, and waiting with anticipation to move on with building the circuits and assembling the Hanukkiah.

Did it work perfectly the first time?  No it did not! We had lots of opportunity to practice our problem solving skills. Which part of the circuit wasn’t working? Was it the light bulb wires? Were the batteries dead? The students kept suggesting ways to fix it and with a whole lot of patience and perseverance, we lit the candles for Hanukkah.


Curious how you too can build your own electric hanukiah at home? Just follow the procedural writing piece below. Please share your experience and what you have learned in the comments below.




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