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Joyeuse Hanukkah!

Salut les parents!

What an exciting month December has been!!! It is so interesting to observe different celebrations and spend quality time with our loved ones. In class, we worked on the theme, Hanukkah. The students got familiar with the new vocabulary through games, stories, songs, word searches, mazes, decoding sentences, bingo games and writing activities.  Finally they did once again a wonderful presentation and they sang beautifully during the school event. In addition,we keep working on our letters and  vowels and I must admit that I am very happy with their progress. The more they read and practice, the better they become. After the holidays, they will get their Je lis accounts so they can start reading simple stories which  will help them improve their fluency and remember vocabulary.

One thought on “Joyeuse Hanukkah!

  1. I love the videos and pictures! It’s such a nice glimpse as to what’s been going on in Grade 1!

    Thank you for sharing all of the awesomeness!

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