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Tell me,and I forget,teach me,and I may remember,involve me and I LEARN!!!!

Salut les parents,

This week we continued practicing the colours, as well as fall vocabulary.  We have added verbalizing numbers and reciting 3 poems about the colours. The students also made beautiful cards for one school in Israel  with french wishes.  We also kept on practicing the vowels A,O,I,E,U  and we learnt the expression ‘Il y a’ (there is)  which the kids used along with the sentence “Je vois” (I see) in order to describe what they see in a picture that I showed them.I was so proud to hear them using these two sentences with the vocabulary they already know like colours,numbers school and fall.Doing puzzles,playing french games and wordwall games with their reading buddies help them practice,learn and have fun.

This week’s challenge: To learn a poem for Remembrance Day!

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