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Consistent Routines = Independent Students, Consistent Reading = Independent Readers

Shalom lovely Kitah Alef families,

It is so wonderful to see how all our students are becoming more and more comforable with our daily routines. Following these clear routines from the moment they enter the classroom promotes independence and in turn pride as each child is feeling responsible for his/her own learning. I am so proud of the gains I observe on a daily basis; from organizational skills, to patience, respect of one another’s space, thinking (staying quiet while another student’s brain is working to search for information) and different needs to be a succesful student, as well as their increased language acquisition of course. 😉  

One of my loves of teaching Ivrit to Grade 1 is seeing the aquired knowledge of the language on a daily basis. It is so exciting to see the student’s faces change from looking at me like I am speaking gibberish, to intent listening and big smiles as they participate and try their best to use not only a new word or sound, but full sentences.  It is a joy when I hear them correct each other (in a respectful manner of course).  

ta daAll this to say… routines work magic…  

As in years past, I believe a more regular routine will promote stronger readers, and I believe the students are ready… so… this week I will begin sending homework 4 days a week – Monday to Thursday. As I wrote last week, please assist your child to create a homework routine that suits your family’s schedule best. One where s/he will feel they have control over and can be independently successful.


This his week’s homework includes the following sounds: Monday – Mah (מ,ם),  Tuesday – Yah (י), Wednesday – Hah (ה), Thursday – Aah (ע). See “Choveret Kreeah” (reading booklet) with recordings in my Bitmoji Classroom. In there you will also find a new area for Stories in Ivrit (hanging on the back windows) – these will change with time, as we read/listen to our weekly story in class.

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