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Reading for Week of Feb 24-28

Welcome back everyone! 

It was soooo nice to recieve such happy hellos today (and some heartwarming hugs… that’s really why I love teaching Kitah Alef 😉 )  We shared what we did this past week and got right back into our routine.

They were all so excited to use their new Siddurim during our Tefilah today! You would have been so proud.

As It is Rosh Chodesh Adar this week we are welcoming it with joy and excitement, as we are done our ‘learning to read’ booklets and what better way than reading Purim books.

Each student took a book for the week (if they are done quickly, I will accept early returns, and give them another book.). However, I would strongly recommend not to rush through the book but rather, read a few pages daily to continue the habit and to keep the quality of reading (a week away already made a difference for some).

The books are in a ziplock bag and inside is also a table for you to write the pages they read and sign – There is only 3 spaces for each book, but you can write the pages on same line (for example after two days, you can write 3-7, 8-10 and then sign your name in the following square.).

Bellow are recordings of the books; They are each divided into 5 parts:

לִכְבוֹד פּוּרִים – מִי בַּכִּיתָה (Lichvod Purim Mee Bakitah?)

1 p.3-6

2 p.7-10

3 p.11-14

4 p.15-18

5 p.


מִשְׁלוֹחַ מָנוֹת מֵאֲרָיאוֹת (Mishloach Manot Mee Ariot)

1 p.3-7

2 p. 8-10

3 p.11-13

4 p.14-16

5 p.17-20


וְנַהֲפוֹךְ הוּא (Veh’Nahafoch Hoo)

1 p. 3-7

2 p.8-11

3 p.12-13

4 p.14-17

5 p.18-20



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Reading Recordings for week of Feb3-7

This week’s reading:

Monday – p6 – tzu, yu and ru

Tuesday – p7 – vu, chu and ku

Wednesday – p8 – fu, su and zu

Thursday – p9 – tu

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Reading recordings for week of Jan 27-31

This week we are continuing with our regular routine as well as practicing for our up and coming celebration. I was already so impressed with the kids’ ability to say their lines without using their paper… They are soooo awesome!

Our daily highlight continues to be the arrival of new Siddur covers. They are all so beautiful, and the students are so proud to show and explain their chosen designs. Thank you so much for helping out with this family project. 😉

I am reminding you that the covers are due next Monday. Please do your best to have them back to me on time, as i need them for another part of the preparations.

The readings for this week are:

Monday – p.2 – su, pu and lu

Tuesday – p.3 – hu, chu and shu

Wednesday – p.4 – mu, gu and ku

Thursday – p.5 – bu, uu and du


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Reading Recordings for week of Jan 20-Jan24

I am excited to say that our first complete Siddur cover arrived to class today and looks so great. Using a different panel to decorate and then attach it to the cover works beautifully, so for those of you who did not begin yet, I strongly recommend doing so.

Another reason to be excited is that we are starting our final vowel booklet this coming Thursday… What great readers we are becoming 😉

Here are this weeks recordings:

Monday – Veh and Keh

Tuesday – Erez ve’hatzav lines 1-9

Wednesday – Erez ve’hatzav lines 10-16

Thursday – Uu Vu and Nu

Please record part of the story in our flipgrid



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Hebrew Reading Recordings for Week of January 13-17

Monday – Sounds reh, seh and eh

Tuesday – Sounds feh. meh and sheh

Wednesday – Sounds veh, heh and neh

Thursday – Sounds seh, tzeh and peh

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Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone!

I was so wnderful seeing you and hearing all about your holiday. Where you were, what you did, who you saw, etc…

We have a busy and exciting week ahead:

  1. We will be starting our 4th vowel reading booklet today.
  2. 1B is baking at Hillel Lodge on Wednesday at 2:30.
  3. We hooe you can join us this coming Friday for Kabalat Shabbat with Dr. Mitzmacher this Friday at 1:30. (Please RSVP so we know how many chairs we need 😊).

Here are the reading recordings for this week:

Monday p1- eh/cheh/teh

Tuesday p2- beh/geh/zeh

Wednesday p3- cheh/leh/yeh

Thursday p4- teh/keh/deh

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Chag Sameach from Kitah Alef… and the recordings for this week…

This was a whole class team work, as we work better together.

We put together puzzles in small teams, then coloured our parts and glued on a box. 

Putting them side by side. we created a Chanukiya. 😉

Do you know the difference between a chanukiya and a menorah?

You can share your answera as a comment…


Sorry for the delay in posting the recordings. I am actually posting this week’s and the last 4 pages which I am giving for the winter break. I encourage you to continue reading daily throughout the holiday, to keep the flow and increase the memory of sounds. I am giving oly 4 pages as homework, so a good idea will be to review past pages, or break the pages into small chunks… even reading 2 or 3 lines a few times a week.

Here they are: 

p7. Choh & Soh

p8. Poh & Foh

p9. Noh & Tzoh

p10. Voh

p.11 Yoh & Oh

p.12 Koh & Boh

p.13 Choh & Zoh

p.14 Noam Veh-HaKochav