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Practicing letter Recognition in a fun way

Shalom and Chag Sameach,

Last week I introduced the children to Wordwall – It is an educational App that I was introduced to by Morah Ruthie and Morah Sigal. It is free to download for you and you can search for different games on it; however, at this point I am creating very focused games that follow what we are learning in class. They are used as review, and the students are enjoying it very much (They are actually asking to use it – woohoo).

I will be adding (and regularly changing) the different links to my Bitmoji Classroom (at top of this blog page). I will usually post the practice from the week past and the one for the coming week (in which they will not know all the vocabulary yet, but can use the letter recognition one).

I will also add this week’s letter recognition practice bellow, for quick access and as a visual  introduction for our weekly sounds/letters – Rah (ר) and Vah (ב,ו).

I am adding a reminder to send a small box to school by tomorrow for our Sukkah creation this week. Toda.  

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