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Reading for Week of November 4th to 8th

Wow! This week we are finishing our first reading booklet! sooo exciting! 

Monday: p. 17 – sound Z & Zah

Tuesday: p. 18 – sound Tz & Tzah

Wednesday: p.19 – sound Ch & Chah revisited (chaf sofit – the only end letter that has a ‘ah’ sound attached to it)

Thursday (for Monday): p.20 – Ballon Chadash

Happy Reading.

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Hebrew Reading for Week of Sep. 16-20

This week, and until after the holidays, I will be giving only two pages a week to read at home. I do recommend to continue reading every day (re-read last two  or three lines or read only few lines a day), to encourage fluidity in the reading. 

Please encourage your child to follow along with their finger while they listen to my recording, as well as when they are reading aloud to you.

This weeks sounds are:

Monday: Rah & R

Wednesday: Vah & V

Happy Reading 🙂