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Chag Sameach from Kitah Alef… and the recordings for this week…

This was a whole class team work, as we work better together.

We put together puzzles in small teams, then coloured our parts and glued on a box. 

Putting them side by side. we created a Chanukiya. 😉

Do you know the difference between a chanukiya and a menorah?

You can share your answera as a comment…


Sorry for the delay in posting the recordings. I am actually posting this week’s and the last 4 pages which I am giving for the winter break. I encourage you to continue reading daily throughout the holiday, to keep the flow and increase the memory of sounds. I am giving oly 4 pages as homework, so a good idea will be to review past pages, or break the pages into small chunks… even reading 2 or 3 lines a few times a week.

Here they are: 

p7. Choh & Soh

p8. Poh & Foh

p9. Noh & Tzoh

p10. Voh

p.11 Yoh & Oh

p.12 Koh & Boh

p.13 Choh & Zoh

p.14 Noam Veh-HaKochav



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