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What’s Happening in 1B?

We had a busy September in 1B!

In math, we learned about patterning rules and how to make our own patterns. We have started to look at numbers and counting from 1-100 by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s. Students are starting to use the IXL program online to help them practice the math skills that we are working on in class. Passwords and usernames will be sent home after the holidays!

In English, students have been very busy. Morah Lianna came in to our class a few times to teach us about suffixes and we have been having so much fun learning and understanding what a suffix is and finding suffixes around our classroom and in the books we are reading. In reading, we have started our daily 3 centers where students are now reading to self and recording themselves reading using Classkick. We have JUST gotten Raz-Kids to help us with our reading and usernames/passwords will be sent home after the holidays to start reading at home. This year, we are participating in the global read aloud. We started by reading the story “You Matter” by Christian Robinson and we are excited to read all of the other stories and to participate in the activities and sharing our work with schools around the world who are also participating in the global read aloud.

Our unit in Science is on daily and seasonal changes and we have been doing some fun activities to learn about the seasons and what changes happen as a new season comes. Our unit in social studies is all about roles and responsibilities. We have discussed what roles that the students each have and how their roles change in each environment. We will be introducing class jobs to learn about responsibilities that students have at school.

Friendly Reminders:

-We have started to send home Note Totes every night. These may come home empty some days, but we are just trying to get students into the habit of bringing them home and to school each day.

-We have library Monday’s at first recess (which is optional) as well as Thursday mornings. Students are encouraged to bring their books back when they are finished reading them as they are only allowed to take one book out at a time.

-As the weather changes and students are coming to school in rain/winter boots we would like to remind parents to send indoor shoes to school for students.


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