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French Summer Reading Suggestions!

Below are some wonderful books and personal favorites that you can read to or with your child over the summer to help keep up with their progress in French:

Toupie et Binou– Dominique Jolin
Non David ! (collection) – David Shanon (translation)
Jouons avec Leon – Annie Groovie
Monsieur son -(collection) – Bellebrute édition Dominique et compagnie
Collection Rat de bibliotheque – varied authors
Mademoisielle Nancy – Jane O’connor
Galette – Lina Rousseau
Frisson L’écureuil – Melanie Watt
Collection de Laura Numeroff

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Neighborhood/Community Map project

We are currently working on Neighborhood vocabulary in French and the students will be creating a map of their neighborhoods throughout this week. They will be presenting it in French (with me) and in English (with Morah Ann Lynn) next week. The places must be labeled in French, and they have the choice to either draw them or use the attached document and cut/glue. Reminder to leave space for a title “Ma Communauté / My Community”, a legend on the side (Légende) and a compass rose (N/S/E/W).

We will be working on this during French class, so do not feel the need to do this for homework 🙂 (Although you can help them out with the drawings a bit if you would like)

-Mme. Stephanie