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Following our North Stars

This past month, our students took the time to really get to know each other. They completed surveys and then interpreted their results.  Curiosity about their classmates inspired them to create their own survey questions.  Each student then went to work, using graph paper to accurately put together a bar graph complete with title and 4 labels. Our Classroom Data book continues to grow. It was a perfect example of how we own our learning, learn better together and have a floor but no ceiling!

One thought on “Following our North Stars

  1. Great to see the North Stars being incorporated into your math lessons! I wonder if you would be interested in taking a next step, and also adding in another North Star of: Each person is responsible for the other.? How? Perhaps have the students create and/or collect data about something pressing/need in OUR school, collect the information, and interpret the information into a meaningful purpose to propose a decision or benefit to help someone or something that is important to them or their class as a whole? Who knows, maybe even the school.? Nothing better than using and interpret data to make/encourage a positive change! (or even to provide a compliment!)

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