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General Studies Homework(Nov. 16th-19th).

Dear Parents,

  • There is a new book assigned for this week. Please have your child read M-W (book located in grey folder). 
  • Remember to use the reading strategies as a tool when completing the reading homework.
  • Please sign the reading log (in their grey take-home folder) each night (this lets me know the homework was completed) and your child will receive a stamp or sticker the following day. Online students received a PDF of their book and they too will receive a sticker each time the log is filled out. It is posted on Classkick. At the end of each month, the students are required to record themselves reading 1 book from their assigned homework on Classkick. If your child has not yet done so, please have them record themselves this Thursday. Please go to Classkick and then to the Reading Log assignment, click on the microphone at the top. Once it is completed, slide it into the log and date the entry, using the text box to do so. They will only be recording themselves once a month.
  • New this week, there is a list of 12 high frequency words (in their grey take-home folder) for your child to learn to read. Only do a few each night. When they can read the whole list a new one will be issued.
  • The IXL program will be the math homework for Thursday. Log-in information is in their grey folders. Click on Learning and the assigned work.

Extra support below if needed:

Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have about the homework expectations.

                                            Have a great week!

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