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*NEW* ! Dictées on Fridays

Dear Parents,

Beginning this week, I will be giving students 3 sight words to memorize for homework every Monday. Dictées (spelling quizzes) will take place on Fridays. I will be posting the words (homework) every week on the Blog AND giving the students a physical copy.

For the quiz, your child will have the option of :

  1. Writing the French word   OR
  2. Writing the English translation  OR
  3. Drawing a picture if applicable OR
  4. Writing sentence

We will also be practicing these sight words in class during the week. We have been using most of them in our writing, reading and speaking since the beginning of the year- so no need to stress!

In class learners will be writing/drawing their words in a pink Hilroy notebook that I have provided for them.

Virtual learners will be receiving a template that they can do their quizzes on. A notebook or some stapled lined paper works just as well.

I would love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback about how it is going. Please feel free to email me!


Mme. Stephanie

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