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Science Experiments

1B has had the amazing opportunity to take our science lesson down to the Maker-space every Monday morning. The maker-space is a fun space in our school where we get to explore, complete fun Science experiments and STEM activities.

In Science, we have been learning about seasonal changes. We just finished learning about what happens in fall and today we continued on in the cycle of seasons and moved on to winter. We decided to do a fun experiment where we looked to see how we could make ice melt faster. We tested it out by adding nothing, sugar, and salt to ice and then we waited patiently to see what happened.

Before conducting the experiment, the students made some hypotheses on what they thought would work to melt the ice the fastest.

Noah, Reagan, and Seth all thought that the sugar would help the ice melt the fastest as it seemed to be the smallest ice cube when we first put everything into the beakers.

Leni, Callie, Dahlia, Lev, and Hallie all believed that the salt would help the ice melt the fastest as it seemed to them that it was already working and already melting the ice. We also pointed out that during the winter, we have salt trucks on the road to help melt the ice.

Finally, Levi and Adlai both thought that they would all melt the ice cubes the exact same because none of them would be placed in the freezer.

So we put our ice cubes into the different beakers and kept checking them throughout the morning. We found that salt and sugar both worked to melt the ice faster than just leaving the ice by itself, however in the end, the salt was the clear winner!

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