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My busy bees are Buzzing!!!!

Dear grade 1 parents!

Joyeux Yom Kippur!


Another 2 weeks of fun and educational activities for our kiddos.While we continue applying our routine and rules, kids seem to be adjusting beautifully, showing great enthusiasm for learning.The focus during these 2 weeks was the colors,the numbers 1-10 and the french greetings.We also talked about Rosh hashanah and learnt some of the food we consume that day like apples,honey,fish,pomegranate.Of course part of our daily work is revising the letters by playing games,writing words and reading syllables.Here is the song “Bonjour,Salut” in case the kids would like to practice singing at home.

One thought on “My busy bees are Buzzing!!!!

  1. Hi Grade 1!

    These pictures are amazing! You have been working incredibly hard so far. I look forward to hearing you sing “Bonjour, Salut!” one day this week!

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