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Last week Miss Brigitte had a class on Digital Citizenship. After reading the book Unplugged the class participated in an activity discussing what being unplugged means.

In Social Studies we worked in groups to create 3 Posters for our responsibilities at School, at Home, and in the community. Collaboration to create each poster was an important part of the process.

The picture gallery above shows some of the different ways we learn how to read. They include Word Work Booklets at the reading table, using a Blending Board on the ipad to create new words, and relaxing while reading together during Hebrew class.

After reading our final book from the Global Read Aloud Last Stop on Market Place. we all decorated our own Gratitude Mug by adding Marshmallows to say what we were Grateful for. This makes a beautiful entry to our Grade one Classroom!

Just a reminder that tomorrow will be our dress-down day! All donations will be going to the Ottawa Humane Society!

Just a quick update that I have not sent home the logins and passwords for both the Raz Kids and the IXL. I am reviewing the Homework Bingo card in class and when completed I will send everything  home at the end of the week . A quick peek into our math problem solving class where we worked in groups to solve the Button Box Problem.   

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1A Happenings

Here’s an update to some of the great things happening in the class.  Our own Morah Lianna introduced our class to a Structured Word Inquiry Lesson. The Lesson was on suffixes and adding ing, ed, and er to words we may know.  In Math we are exploring numbers beyond 20. Some of the math tools we used in class were a double 10 frame and a Hundred chart.  Take a look at our chart for the beginning of our Social Studies Unit on Roles and responsibilities to see what job your children said they were responsible for at home 🙂

Today we read and discussed two books for Truth and Reconciliation Day. During our Library time Miss Bridget taught us the difference between Fiction and Non Fiction Books. Please remember in order to choose a new book the old book must be returned.

In our Daily Five have a look at how we read to Self and Read to someone!

Next week we begin The Global Read Aloud. One book to connect the World  To learn more about the books and author chosen for the Picture book study you can read all about it here.

We have started to send home our Note-totes. Please empty and return on a daily basis.

1A and 1B read these books today!