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Science Book Suggestions

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to summer break!

I just want to post a list that Brigitte and I created with a few different science books that may interest your children over the summer! Don’t forget, you can always use the AR Book Finder that we shared with you earlier this month.

Happy Reading! See you in September!

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Looking for Just Right Books?

Over the summer, you may be looking for ‘Just Right’ books for your child to read. You can use the Zone of Proximal Development (which will be noted in your child’s report card as the reading range) to search for books through the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder site. 

Mrs. Thompson (from Grade 5) made a fantastic tutorial video to help walk you through the process.

Please reach out to Morah Lianna or Morah Ann Lynn if you have any questions or need any help. 

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Kosher Food Bank

Hello Parents!

We hope you had a lovely long weekend. 

As a school, we are currently collecting food for the Kosher Food Bank. The KFB will be here on Friday, June 7th to accept our donations. Please start sending in kosher, packaged, non perishable foods as soon as you can.

Thank you for your help.

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A few reminders…

Good morning Grade 1 Parents! 

We have a 2 reminders for you…

  1. A field trip permission form is going home today in your child’s note tote. We have rescheduled our trip to the Museum of Science and Technology (it was cancelled on the day of our snow day). Please sign it and send it back as soon as possible. 
  2. Please create your child’s fundraising page for the Maccabiah Games! You can e-mail Morah Lianna if you are having tech-related issues. 

Have a fantastic day!

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Poem In Your Pocket Day

As you know, April is Poetry Month. Today is Poem In Your Pocket Day; an international movement that encourages people all over the world to carry a poem in their pocket and share it with people throughout their day. 

For Poem In Your Pocket Day, we are sharing some of our favourite poems that we have read in class this month. Throughout the afternoon, the Grade 1 students will be sharing their poems on Flip Grid. We encourage you to please visit our class grid and share a video of yourself! Join the #FlipGridFever for #PocketPoem Day!

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Scholastic Book Fair Reminder

Friendly reminder that we will be visiting the Scholastic Book Fair as a class tomorrow (Thursday) morning. If you would like you child to purchase books for themselves or the classroom wish list, please send money to school tomorrow in the note tote and we will help them shop. If you have already sent in money, we have been labelling and collecting to prepare for tomorrow’s visit – don’t worry!

Have a great evening!

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March Madness Round Up

The Grade 1 class room was BURSTING with excitement this month as we “bounced” (my attempt at a basketball reference) through our March Madness Book Bracket. 

First, a big shout out to our amazing guest readers this month; Morah Dora, Mrs. Cleveland, Miss M, Ms. Gordon, Mrs. Reichstein!! Thank you for being part of our March Madness Fun! Don’t worry, Dr. Mitzmacher is already gearing up to be a guest reader in Grade 1 in the near future. 

Today was the final face off between The Aunts Come Marching by Bill Richardson (Ms. Gordon’s pick!) and POP! The Invention of Bubble Gum by Meghan McCarthy.

Our class was so excited all day for the big reveal…

After the cheering calmed down, we took some time to reflect on some of our favourite books that we read but didn’t necessarily advance on our bracket.


All in all, it was a fantastic month filled with picture books (#openthemagic)! Thank you to everyone who followed our March Madness journey on Morah Lianna’s Twitter!

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full STEAM ahead

Last week, we were so excited to share our finished play structures with the grade 1 parents and siblings. We tested slides with marbles, swung paperclips through the monkey bars, and shared all of the amazing features in our play structures (including swimming pools, wheelchair ramps, video game tunnels, and so much more!!).

The planning, designing, and building phases were messy and loud… but that is what hands-on learning is all about! 

Our initial brainstorm… If you could design your “dream play structure”, what features would you include?

Then came the planning… What will you include? What materials will you use?


…and of course the designing


Finally, we started to build!


Our progress after day 1 of building

After a few more days of building and refining our designs, we were ready to present our finished play structures to the parents at the OJCS STEAM Fair!

We then took some time to step back and reflect on our play structures. What were we most proud of? What could we do differently next time?

(we are still learning how to use flipgrid and how to film ourselves)



Thank you to all of the parents who sent in materials to help us build our dream play structures!


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March Madness

March Madness has begun… and no, I’m not talking about basketball!

Throughout the month of March, the Grade 1 students will be doing a March Madness Book Challenge. Everyday we will read two picture books and the students will vote using a google form to pick which book they liked best. The book with the most votes will advance to the next round.

Stayed tuned to find out which book will be the winner!!