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OJCS Reading Challenge Update

The Grade 1 class was so excited when we counted all of our tally marks and realized that we have already passed our goal of 450 books! 

We are still collecting tally marks for every book we read, so please continue to send emails and leave comments with the book titles you are reading at home. Let’s see if we can read 1,000 books before the end of the challenge!!

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Tourne la toupie!

Grade 1 played ‘dreidel or la toupie’ while practicing their French vocabulary! A great way of practicing French vocabulary while having fun!

Joyeux Chanukah!

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J’aime l’automne!

Gr. 1 students made their own little booklet of what they like about ‘automne’. Each student then presented their booklet in front of the class.

Bon travail les amis!!